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19-03-2008, 00:10
Well, getting a tournament army together from my scraps. 2000pts limit, scenario's aplenty so balanced is preferable, yakkity yak. Here's the list as it stands:

Dwarf Lord
Shieldbearers; Great Weapon; Gromril Armour
Runic Weapon: Master Rune of Kragg the Grim, Rune of Cleaving, Rune of Fury Runic Armour: Rune of Resistance, Rune of Stone

Gromril Armour, Runic Talisman: Master Rune of Challenge, Rune of Spellbreaking

Gromril Armour, Runic Talisman: Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spellbreaking

Gromril Armour; Battle Standard, Runic Armour: Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance; Runic Talisman: Master Rune of Dismay

20 Warriors
Heavy Armour; Shield; Full Command

20 Warriors
Heavy Armour; Shield; Full command

10 Quarrellers
Crossbow; Light Armour

10 Thunderers
Dwarf Handgun; Light Armour

15 Miners
Great Weapon; Heavy Armour; Full Command

20 Ironbreakers
Gromril Armour; Shield; Full command
Runic Banner: Rune of Battle, Rune of Stoicism

Grudge Thrower
Engineering Runes: Rune of Accuracy

The basis for the lord was to create a strong and heavy bloke that can change the tide of any combat (which is definitely likely to happen considering the make-up of the list). the shieldbearers et al give him a re-rollable 1+ save, and make him immune to killing blow (shieldbearers make him US3). Magic weapon means he's a chariot killer, with enough attacks to ensure he does some damage.
The Runesmith duo form a solid magic defense (at least i can feasibly control this phase to some degree), the rune of challenge there to allow me to choose when i fight the enemy's souped-up elite unit or annoying fliers on my terms rather than their's.
The thane is difficult to damage, and again the rune of dismay allows me to get an extra turn of movement/rotating/shooting when i need it and allows me to control (hopefully) one or two of my combats. the bsb is there mainly to make sure that running is the last thing on my army's mind.
the ironbreakers will form the main 'anvil' of my army, taking the brunt of the enemy attack and withering them down through combat res, while the warriors will be able to take on most other units or act as support.
the quarrellers are for the range, allowing me to target lonely characters/skirmishers/war machines from a safe distance with their 30" while the thunderers are anti-armour.
the grudge-thrower is mainly to smash swarm units but also fantastic for anti-armour, and the runes mean daemons/forest spirits/ethereal beings will have problems too.
finally the miners are for the surprise assault for the unsuspecting unit that strays too far to the table edge, for sneaking up on war machines or for claiming quarters or objectives that might otherwise be out of my normal stubby fingered reach.

any thoughts/tactics/changes are welcomed and considered. cheers for looking and thanks for any comments.

The Phat Dorf
19-03-2008, 06:35
you dont have a lot of heavy attacks appart from your lord, im not very experienced, but couldnt that be a problem against for example chaos knights and the like?

The Phat Dorf
19-03-2008, 06:40
thats ofcourse if you dont get them shot before they reach you, but wouldn't it be overestimating your shooting to expect them to take down 2x5 heavily armored knights?

The Phat Dorf
19-03-2008, 07:49
thats ofcourse if you dont get them shot before they reach you, but wouldn't it be overestimating your shooting to expect them to take down 2x5 heavily armored knights?

19-03-2008, 08:36
i'm not too fussed on taking great weapons with my warriors. thus far i've been pretty confident with the abilities of my units to hold off any charge (the most extreme being my unit of quarrellers, then armed with shields, taking a charge from 2 chariots, 5 warhounds, a herd of beastmen and a unit of bestigor in one round and losing 1 model!). The basic idea is that the army doesn't deal that much damage, but absorbs it with minimal wounds. any heavy targets like knights, monsters, lone heroes etc would be prioritised and, while not wiped out, reduced somewhat to lessen their impact when they hit my lines. it might be worth looking at though. i'll play a few tester games and let you know how things develop. cheers!