View Full Version : 2 Old style VC lists at 2,500 points.

19-03-2008, 11:25
After reading through the book and experimenting with different army lists, I eventually returned to two things: 1. What figures I have and want to buy 2.The sort of vampire armies which did well for me in the last edition. My old list featured a strigois general with regeneration and +1 strength, 2 necromancers and a wight lord and always did pretty well. Both the following lists have certain strategies imbedded in them, which have done well for me in the past:

The General must not die: In the first list my general is almost unkillable, in the second he is fast impossible to engage in combat, and the units which could bind him he should be strong enough to deal with.

A compact battle line The wights are the anchor of the battle line and with the wight king have alot of staying power. The other units infantry around them are their to protect the flanks of the wights and hold units in place until the flanker can counter attack.

support units these units serve to counter attack the flanks of my enemies and to protect the flanks of my infantry units. They are not designed to run off on their own.

Magic as support I will not rely on my magic to win the game on its own, but have enough power, where I can probably heal up a key unit if necessary.

So here are the lists, which do you like better?

List 1

Vampire lord , Master of the black arts, Walking death, Avatar of Death, Crown of the damned, Sceptre de Noiroit, Upgraded to lvl 3.
(in the grave guard)

Wight King. BSB, Drakenhof banner.
(in the grave guard)

Necromancer. 2 dispel scrolls. (cowering somewhere in the back)

23 ghouls
27 zombies, banner
28 skeletons, banner, war banner.
23 Grave guard. banner and champ, royal banner of Strigois
5 dire wolves
5 black knights
5 black knights
5 fell bats
black coach
5 wraiths with banshee

List 2

Vampire lord, Master of the black arts, Flying horror, Lord of the dead, Skull staff, Helm of commandment, Biting Blade. (not in a fix unit)

Wight lord. Sword of the kings. Gem of blood (in grave guard)

Necromancer. Dispel scroll. Black periapt.

Vampire. The Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Might, Dark Acolyte, Lord of the dead (in skeletons)

20 skeletons. banner & warbanner.
20 skeletons. banner & banner of the dead legion.
15 skeletons. banner.
23 grave guard, champ and banner, royal banner of strigois
5 black knights
5 black knights
5 fell bats
5 wraiths with banshee