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19-03-2008, 13:55
1. Does the caster has to have line of sight to cast invocation of nehek? or he can cast anywhere within 18"?

2. similar to above, Do I need line of sight to the point to cast raise dead?

3. Can I cast IoN into unit in combat? (I know it has been discussed many times, just wanna make sure it's legal)

4. If I cast raise dead in front of an enemy unit, and cast raise dead again with another caster, this time, behind those zombies summoned before, this way, there will be two zombies wall in front of the enemy's unit, one after another.
If that unit charge the first wall of zombie, destroy them and overrun into the second wall of zombie. in my combat phase, can that unit overrun again if they manage to wide off those zombie?

thx for reading

19-03-2008, 14:54
1. No, you do not need line of sight.

2. Similarly, no.

3. The general (and my) opinion is yes, the line was omitted for some strange reason, but the GW site has mention to it, and without the ability, it would seriously hamper the undead. I certainly will be casting it into combat.

4. As long as it is the "first turn" of a combat, the unit may overrun, so if he kills unit 1 in his CC phase, and runs into the others, in your turn, he may run through them. The best bet would be to use this chance (in your turn) to flank the unit when it is in combat with zombie 2, thus stopping them moving.

20-03-2008, 00:20
3. Can I cast IoN into unit in combat?

I found something on the GW site that talks about raising models into combat with the new vamps but of course its not a FAQ or any true ruling and not even a direct wording of "raise into combat". its found in the "Fear Tactica" its in the last paragraph on the 1st page

"Okay, so you passed your test and didn't run away crying to your mama. All you need to do now is win every round of combat until the Fear-causing unit either runs away (which will never happen in the case of Undead) or is utterly obliterated (if your enemy has Necromancy, again this could be never). If you lose a round of combat and are outnumbered, you break from combat unless you roll Insane Courage (double 1s on your Break test). Many an elite unit has been destroyed by these means. Win, win, win, lose by 1... run away!"

to put this in better context he is talking about fighting his normal fearful unit vs. an undead unit

20-03-2008, 01:16
Erm, as i read that its got nothing to do with raising into combat? Only running away from fear causing enemies, which can happen against any fear causer, you can lose 4 turns of combat with skeletons and still outnumber the non skeletons you know.

However,i do know the paragraph you were thinking about, the one where he mentions raising into an ongoing combat.

Edit, AHHHH, ok you mean the "if your opponent has necromancy, this could be never" Got you. Sorry... lol

Yes it is a bit of an argument isn't it?

22-03-2008, 18:46
Gamesworkshop canada answered. yes you can cast IoN in combat!