View Full Version : 1000pt VC

19-03-2008, 15:27
What would you put in a small VC army of 1000pts only...seems pretty hard to make a reasonable force at this small size.

Plastic Adi
19-03-2008, 21:33
really depends which route you want to take with it. If you want to go fighty Take a 2 Vampires and a Wight Kings, thats about 400-500 pts. a unit of 20-30 zombies about 100, 20 Skellies About 200, maybe some wolves, and you choice of special or rare. If you want to go casty, take either 1 Vampire and 2 Necros or 2 Vampires and 1 Necro.

19-03-2008, 21:40
I like to take a Varghulf, 2 casty Vampires, 2 skeleton units, 1 ghoul unit and 1 DW unit.