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20-03-2008, 03:26
So this is my 1500 point Dark Elf list and I was hoping for some pointers before the start of a campaign this is my first army and I dont want to have my face melted every game cause that tends to suck.

Dark Elf Noble*1 155
Heavy Armor
Sea Dragon
Enchanted Shield
Cold One
Crown of Black Iron
Sorceress*1 181
Level 2
Cold One
Dispel Scroll
2 squads of Dark Elf Warriors*16 at 176 each

2 squads Cold One Knights*9 at 306 each
Dread Knight
Standard Bearer
2 Reaper Bolt Throwers 200

20-03-2008, 03:54
Well. First thing that everyone will agree on. Dont put your Sorceress on a Cold one. While the ability to give her an armour save might seem like a good idea, if the mount goes stupid, she will not be able to cast magic. Which is no fun.

If you change the Cold one to a Dark Steed, you can give her a Tome of Furion which will give you a third spell to choose from. that will be benificial, as you should have one for every circumstance.

Secondly, While I can appreciate the Big Units of Cold one Knights, they will get flanked easily due to their size. While you can protect them somewhat with the Bolt Throwers it might be a good idea to chop one down to six strong with a Champ and get some Dark Riders. Though some might argue that one unit isnt that great, it gives you another cavalry unit that can move out and about and hit flanks (thus supporting your Infantry or Cold ones) I like the Noble's set up, very good, hits well but is still well protected. Other then that, I say its not to bad.

Last point, Dark Elves are a hard army to start off with. So you will lose games, it happens. You gotta take it in stride though, because for one, they are getting a new book at the end of the year, so that is always awesome lol, but secondly because if you really like them they take time to learn but once you get it down, they are a powerful army to wield. Good Luck in your Campaign

20-03-2008, 06:26
First, check out www.druchii.net for all your tactical needs for dark elves. The guys on this site can really help you out, but I'll say a few things though.

As I have said in other threads, putting a lot of points into a stupid unit such as CoK's can be a big liability. I suggest completely dropping one unit, and skimming down the other unit to maybe 6-7 knights. With these points get some other supporting units, like Harpies, Shades, or Dark Riders that are mobile and can annoy your opponent. Dark Riders with repear crossbows are exceedingly effective at this. The Druchii pride themselves on mobility and being able to choose which fights to fight to win a battle. Adding a unit of Repeater Crossbow Warriors with shields wouldn't be a bad idea either. I would also increase your spearelves to 20 each.

The Dark Star Cloak is a must imo on your sorceress, for 3 dice to power one spell and 2 dice for another is pretty nice to have. Also mount her on a dark steed as some spells for dark magic have relatively short ranges, and she'll need to get close to use them effectively.

If you're going for mobility for your noble, mount him on a pegasus, otherwise just put him with your warriors for ld. support.

Good luck with the campaign.

20-03-2008, 11:35
Cold one knights are only any good if you have a BSB in them with the hydra banner, and thay are carrying the banner of Murder. Otherwise they plain suck.

20-03-2008, 15:09
You can always go for the Highborn on a black dragon. It is usually very effective.

Grey Man
20-03-2008, 15:52
As a long time Dark Elf player, I would never leave home without Dark Riders. They make the army what it is- they allow you to bait, flee, setup counter charges, march block, and do the other things that Dark Elves need to do to win. You won't win with Dark Elves by smacking people in the front. You'll win by setting them up and then delivering the blow at the right time. And your Cold One Knights will inevitably go stupid at just the wrong time.

Another thing: Harpies. Perfect for taking out war machines.
A final thing: there's a new book likely to come out in late '08, do with that info what you will