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20-03-2008, 14:53
I was thinking about a dedicated underway force and the book says that it consists mostly of ironbreakers and non gun powder units. So I came up with this little nugget.

Hero. (Kazrik Braybak).
Thane with a runic axe (master rune of swiftness, rune of cleaving), runic shield (rune of stone) and a runic horn (master rune of challenge) = 142. (goes with warriors)

Dictates a charge and boosts the CC of the warrior unit.

*2 master engineers with great weapons and runic armour (rune of stone) = 158. (goes with bolt throwers)

Defends and entrenches bolt throwers also boosts BS to 5. :)

Core Units.
*19 warriors with shields, a veteran and a standard bearer = 191.

Generals escort.

2*10 quarrellers with great weapons = 260.

Long range support hammer unit. They have great weapons for counter charging, I know people dont like this but it has worked for me in the past.

Special Units.
*20 ironbreakers with a standard bearer and a runic standard (rune of battle) = 297.

Main anvil combat unit with a basic CR of 5.

*20 ironbreakers with a standard bearer and a runic standard (rune of battle, ancestor rune) = 307.

Main anvil combat unit with a basic CR of 5.

Runic bolt thrower (rune of penetrating) = 70. (Vengeance)

Hits and wounds on 2+ :)

Runic bolt thrower (rune of penetrating, rune of burning) = 75. (Retribution)

Hits and wounds on 2+ :)

= 1500.

PD 0 DD 4
MODELS 80 + 2 Bolt Throwers

Deployment -
Quarrellers IronBreakers Warriors IronBreakers Quarrellers BoltThrower BoltThrower

I love the idea of two war machines that will hit and wound on 2+ :evilgrin: I have called them vengeance and retribution for a theme I am working on to go with this type of army. The rest of the army works in concert as a stable block that is hard to kill. What do you think?

23-03-2008, 19:37
So does any one think this is a good army then?

12-09-2008, 11:32
Any one? :)

Benigno (WE)
12-09-2008, 11:48
No powder, that's nice for a themed army. But you have few magic protection, and you cannot do any "mage hunting", so maybe you can get in trouble with heavy magic armies.

Anyway, a very solid dwarven block.

12-09-2008, 16:04
It's fundamentally solid and reasonably themed without blowing too many points on characters.

I'm not overly impressed with the performance of the master engineers in general but the BS bump can certainly be very useful.

As to the marginal magic defense, in a 1500pt game you'll never be facing more than 6 levels of magic (well, unless the cheeky bugger takes a truthsayer or dark emissary) so your 4 dispel dice if used sparingly should spare you the ugliest of the enemy's magic phase. Alternatively swapping in a runesmith would work if you're really paranoid about incoming magic (which I would not be, especially with such large troop blocks)