View Full Version : A 2000 Lizardmen army I really like!

20-03-2008, 17:28
Slann 2th gen Bane head, Plaque of Tepok, Battle standard.

Scar-veteran Aura of Qeutzl, Quetzl, Jaguar warrior, Sotec, Great weapon, Light armor.

Scar-veteran Itzl, Cold one, Sotec, Quetzl, Scimitar of sun resplendent, Light armor, Shild.

Skinks 10 Javalin + Shild.
Saurus 15 Full Command.
Saurus 14 Full Command.
Temple Guard 16 Shilds

Saurus Cavalry 5
Kroxigor 3

The 2nd gen Slann will join the temple guard and take the center of the battlefield. He will only take the 5+ of all the lores in the list and cast drain magic at the end of the magic face. He will be flanked on both sides by the Saurus units. On the far left flanked I will place the Saurus Cavalry with the Scarvet on the Cold one. On the far right flank I will place the Kroxigors screened by the Skink unit. The Scarvet (JWOD) will join the 14 strong saurus unit to the right of the slann unit.

The temple guards, saurus and 2nd gen slann will advance slowly while the kroxigors and saurus cav will rush up the flanks, hitting the enemy in the flanks or rare.

So what do you guys think? What can I improve?

20-03-2008, 17:53
you have spent ALOT of points on charcters here
if you downgrade the temple guard down to more saurus you could fit in another unit of skinks
the i would drop the jaguar saurus, for huanchi's blessed totem and more skinks
this'll give you a screen for all your saurus
i do however think that a 2nd gen is too much for 2000 points
but hey
good luck

20-03-2008, 21:09
Id say it loks nice, exept your hero on the cold one can't take 3 spawnings, only 2.

Your slann or cav should have huachi's totem.

20-03-2008, 21:20
I would drop quetzl on him, he already has a good armour save

20-03-2008, 21:36
ty all..
Conotor and armornar: I will drop the quetzl.

Archon 42.
1. I will try to sqeeze in a totem for my saurus cav.
2. Using saurus instead of temple guard will remove the stubborn rule.. I am afraid of my Slann unit getting run down after being flanked.. or maby it is not worth the xtra 5pts pr model.
3. I know I spend alot on characters, but to me it seems like it pays of.

21-03-2008, 01:54
Never give up your temple guard. The stubborn rule is VERY good.

21-03-2008, 02:05
I agree with Conotor, if you take a Slann take Temple Guard they are invaluable to the protection of the Slann, and Ld9 Cold blooded stubborn with a BSB is not easy to shake out. I actually like the composition of the army. Seems pretty balanced.

21-03-2008, 03:47
I have no problem with the amount of characters that you have or with the composition of the army, but you will obviously be heavily outnumbered.

That being said, I don't really see your cavalry or Kroxigor successfully rushing up the flanks and hitting the enemy in the flanks or the rear. They'll easily be overwhelmed by what is likely going to be a greater number of flankers. I believe that they'll be more useful as sort of 'flank response units.' Let them advance with the rest of the army to protect your own flanks. Don't expect to go terrorizing your enemy's.

Another idea is to drop a unit of Saurus and get another unit of Kroxigor or Salamanders (or anything else to give those guys a hand on the flanks).

21-03-2008, 11:03
Conotor and Armornar: The Temple guard stays :)

TheBoss: ty for the tactical advice :chrome:

I am also considering swapping out the bane head for the diadem of power. my only problem is knowing where to cut back to include the the totem, the diadem of power and a warbanner for my slann