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20-03-2008, 21:37
Hey there all,

Two of the three people I usually play with have decided that they would like to play another Warhammer game (this being our second one) in order to further our understanding of the rules.

The set-up will be myself and a Dark Elves player, each with 1k of points and using the relevant force composition, versus 2k of Night Goblins. Suffice to say...things seem glum from the outset (although both our armies cause him fear. Mwhahahaha...<cough>)

I have devised the following list to compliment my allies more defensive and shooty list.

Vampire - Master of the Black Arts, The Flayed Hauberk and Biting Blade
Vampire - Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Book of Arkhan
Necromancer - Two Dispell Scrolls

20 Skeletons, FC.
10 Grave Guard, FC.

Thats the basic. Now...this is where the choice comes in with the remaining points.

a) A Varghulf
b) 10 Crypt Ghouls (with Ghast), 6 Dire Wolves, a Banner of the Legion for the Grave Guard and Warbanner for the Skeletons.

Opinions? Comments?

Much love,


20-03-2008, 23:58
Since your opponent is plying defencevily i would suggest you play offencevily so ditch most of the magic (i.e swap master of the black arts for red fury or walking death and infinite hatred) and since night gobbos tend to have no armour or only light armour i would ditch the biting blade in favour of the sword of battle. For the second vamp i would keep the dark acolyte power but swap the avatar of death power for summon ghouls(since you need another core choice so you can't play the varghulf) and keep the book or maybe switch it for the nightshroud and either sword of might or sword of striking.
3 characters in a 1k list is a little overkill so ditch the necro. As mentioned before you need another core choice so get the 10 crypt ghouls and stuff.

21-03-2008, 05:57
Wrong, if you play offense and your partner plays defense, you'll have your 1k of undead against 2k of gobbos, and you'll get wiped out, then your partner will be facing 1500 of gobbos with 1k of elves. On average, at least.

I HIGHLY advise a defensive vampiric list (even though they have little in the way of defense.

A big unit of zombies, 25, deployed on the far side of your partner (to protect his shooters with an unbreakable unit). A ghoul or skeleton bunker for your vamps to hide in. Take the bound items to crank out extra spellpower and win it in the magic phase. If you go combat, you'll be alone and probably lose.

If you have your heart set on being the attacker, take a unit of ethereals to draw out fanatics so you at least know where they are. Then go with fast, hard hitters (the Varghulf, Black Knights), even mounted characters. Leave your core units back to help protect both your rear and your partner's shooters. Use speed and concentrated force to overwhelm and overpower your flank, and roll up the line. That's the only way it'll work.

Edit: Oh, you'll need a 2nd core choice too...

Dux Ducis
21-03-2008, 06:59
Then he should take the crypt ghouls as the 2nd core choice.

21-03-2008, 12:56
Wrong, if you play offense and your partner plays defense, you'll have your 1k of undead against 2k of gobbos, and you'll get wiped out, then your partner will be facing 1500 of gobbos with 1k of elves. On average, at least.

I don't know man. It work pretty good for me and my partner in the doubles tornament.

You have to make the 2 armies work in harmony. When i play a list that has shooting and some attack units i would play defencevily with the shooting and offencevily with the attack part of my army. It's the same concept with this, the dark elves play more of a support role and are the anvil while the vc are the hammer. Simple(?)

21-03-2008, 19:38
Hmmm. Problem being is that without a magic orientated army, we'll be up against 8 levels of magic, with only heros. That means not only will we be outgunned magically, but also, in CC as well. I would imagine he'll take:

1 Lord Shaman
2 Level 2 Shamans
Goblin Boss

3x30 Goblins

Lots of squigs - herders and hoppers


Snotling Pump Wagon

Fanatics and netters in all units.

In CC's, I am going to get nuked, even if I put my vamps towards CC. My Elf ally is taking:

2 Sorcerers, 20 Corsairs, 20 Spearmen, 12 Archers and 2 Repeater Bolt Throwers.

As you can see, we'll lack combat oompf if we go magic and magic oompf if we go combat. Catch 22 ;).

21-03-2008, 20:32
Just a quick question do you need two core individually or do you and your partner combine to make three core - 2000pt list. Because if you go with the vargulf you only have 1 core

22-03-2008, 10:14
Keep forgetting I need two cores for some reason. Nevermind that I've been playing for 10 years and I've always needed them.

I think its pretty set that I need to take option b) instead. Now a debate has ensued about whether to go offensive or defensive, magic or combat orientated.

22-03-2008, 11:30
Goblins Suck at CC so Be offensice, with 3 hard beating vampires. If you give one vampire the ability to fly and put him in the unit of Ghouls. You're vampire marches with the free march of the Crypt ghouls before movement. This means that you can charge on turn 1!

22-03-2008, 11:56
You may want to give a vamp hunter in the dark or fly and team up with fell bats to kill enemy wizards early in the game....
I would suggest:
Infinite Hatred
Hunter in the Dark
Flayed Hauberk
Sword of might or battle
Flying Horror
Avatar of Death (two hand weapons)
Flayed Hauberk
Gem of Blood

22-03-2008, 12:07
Remember that a character never may join a flying unit so its in effect two units that can be targeted seperatly they can however ofc charge the same target.