View Full Version : 2000 point Dwarf list for Consideration

20-03-2008, 23:56
here's what I'm planning on building up for my 2000 point list of dwarfs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thane Magni Silvermane of Karak Kadrin: General, Great weapon, Master Rune of Challenge Gromril Armor with Rune of Stone, Shield
Thane Ungrim Silvermane of Karak Kadrin: BSB, Master rune of Gromril, Axe with Rune of Cleaving
Runesmith Snorri Goldhammer of Karak Kadrin: Hand weapon, Shield with rune of stone, rune of spellbreaking
19 Warriors: Shields, Command(BsB goes in here)
19 Warriors: Shields, Command(Runesmith goes in here)
10 Thunderers, Shields
10 Quarrelers, Shields
15 Ironbreakers, Command, Rune of Stoicism
19 Hammerers: Shields, Command, Master rune of Grugni(General goes in here)
Cannon, Rune of forging
2 Bolt Throwers: 2 Engineers, 1 has Rune of Penetrating, 1 has rune of burning
Organ Gun
1970 pts

Models in army: 92
D.D: 5
War Machines: 4

As you can see I'm a few points short, so I'm thinking I should spend the points on some more runes for my General or the Runesmith. I'm also a bit worried about the hammerers, who are a pretty pricey unit as is. I'm hoping with the M.R.o.G. they'll survive until combat, where they can get a chance to shine.