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21-03-2008, 01:37
Just a fun beatdown list that may get me back into Fantasy after a loooooooong hiatus.

Skrag the Slaughterer

1 Luck Gnoblar
2 Tooth Gnoblars
Talisman of Protection

1 Luck Gnoblar
2 Tooth Gnoblars
Dispel Scroll
Wierdstone Necklace

2 Gorgers

4 Ironguts
Standard Bearer with Bull Standard

4 X 4 Bulls
Light Armor
Standard Bearer

2 X 3 Leadbelchers

That still leaves me at 2175 and I can't take another Gorger as I have to take them in 2's. So not sure where to put the other 75 points to get to 2250.

23-03-2008, 03:21
nothing at all?

Be Afraid
23-03-2008, 14:42
hunters are really, really bad.

scrag wont get any spells off, as he has no help, so i'd start off by swapping hunter for a butcher.

also, standards on ogres are not often much help, and, by dropping all the standards, plus what u save by making hunter a butcher, you can get ANOTHER butcher.

also, with combat ogres i find that units single ranks work best. so i'd keep the iron guts at 3 w/ scragg, and then take 4 units of 4, rather than 3 of 6 with bulls.

as a point of note, i usually find leafbelchers work far batter being in manuverable units of 2

23-03-2008, 15:57
Where are the Ironguts, and why take Scrag by his lonesome? He won't cast anything without a few extra butchers... As a friend of mine once said "Ogres without Gut Magic are like supermodels without cocaine." Start swapping out those bulls for Ironguts...

oh, and Be Afraid isn't wrong about hunters... he may have (very) slightly understated how bad they are, however.

Garg Foecrusher
23-03-2008, 18:08
Have 2 butchers, Ironguts, and more Gorgers. Drop most of the Leadbelchers, they kill themselves most of the time anyway

23-03-2008, 18:32
Alright, thanks

I might try more Gorgers, but with only two different sculpts available I'm not sure. I have Ironguts, I will try to get two more butchers in there to help Skrag.

What would you equip two butchers with?

Thanks again, I'll rework and update it.

23-03-2008, 18:36
Have 2 butchers, Ironguts, and more Gorgers. Drop most of the Leadbelchers, they kill themselves most of the time anyway

And I will never drop Leadbelchers :) Some units stay as pure fluff or just pure fun, and they are that Ogre unit for me. I usually will always take one unit that is completley random just to add a flavor of fun in. So they stay, but I will drop them to 3 each.

Garg Foecrusher
23-03-2008, 22:07
There are some effevtive butcher builds, Skullmantle + Siegebreaker, Bangstick + dispel scroll, and Wyrdstone Necklace + dispel scroll could be good too, as he can hurt himself a lot (damned emo butchers :p )

If you have to have Leadbechers, have them 2 per unit, because 3 or 4 in a unit is begging for misfire

23-03-2008, 22:20
Thanks everyone, gives me something to go on now.

25-03-2008, 13:08
The Skragg lists I've normally seen have for the most part overdosed on Gorgers. Malorian runs a 3k list with Skragg in it that has 10 Gorgers and I've seen a 2k list with 8 Gorgers. Now, with 8 Gorgers you have a pretty good chance of 3+ coming in on the second turn and if Skragg gets that first kill they ALL come in. The amount of chaos and havok that many Unbreakable killing machines cause in the flanks and behind your foes line is normally worth the 450-600 points for 6-8 of them. Now if only it didn't cost as much as 3+ normal units.

25-03-2008, 14:14
Yeah, I had thought about that, but I just can't do it as it would be wayyy too many of the same sculpt, and that just bugs me :)

25-03-2008, 14:38
I know EXACTLY what you mean. I own Skragg, and no Gorgers so far as I can't get around their sculpts. One, ok... Two that are not exactly the same(but still very close) ok. 4 and I would have to mod at least the two that duplicate one of the others.