View Full Version : Chaos Mortals Undivided, 2500pts

21-03-2008, 08:11
Since I've just started painting my undivided horde I thought I'd create an army list that will centre around them

Lord: Chaos Lord Endra 673pts
-Chaos Runeblade
-Armour of damnation
-Chaos dragon

Hero: Sorcerer of Chaos 180pts
-Mark Of Slaanesh
-Spell familiar
-Dispell Scroll

Hero: Exalted Champion of Chaos 267pts
-Mark of Tzeentch
-Golden Eye
-Mirror of Knowledge

Hero: Aspiring champion of Chaos (In 24 Marauder Unit) 230pts
-Banner of The Gods

Troop: 24 Marauders 217pts
-Light armour

Troop: 5 Chosen Knights 275pts

Troop: 20 Marauders 205pts
-Light Armour

Troop: 6 Warhounds 36pts

Troop: 6 Warhounds 36pts

Troop: 6 Warhounds 36pts

Troop: 5 Knights Of Chaos 215pts

Rare: Spawn of Chaos 60pts

Rare: Spawn Of Chaos 60pts

Total Models:78

21-03-2008, 17:09
Instead of using spawn, you can use 10 man units of marauders. With the banner of the gods providing stubborn+the general's leadership, they're slightly cheaper and more resilient, not to mention more reliable and faster on average.

Also, if you're going to spring for Chosen Knights, why not pay 70 more points to give them the MoS and the Rapturous Std.?