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Death Korp
21-03-2008, 10:54
As you may have seen in the WFB Genral Discussion, i am interested in playing Warhammer. But the bit i struggle with is the Army List.

Now, i will be doing 1000pt lists for all the armies that interest me, and i will do them all after one is perfected, then go on to another.

I am going to start with the O&G list first, since i ahve the army book for them:

(This is my first attempt at a O&G list, and i am new to the game, so all the wisdom you guys have will be helpful)

O&G 1000PTS


*Orc Big Boss (General) w/ Light Armour, Enchanted Shield and Uglags Akkirt Axe.
*NG Shaman w/ Dispel Scroll and Lvl 2 Upgrade.


*19 Orc Boyz with Choppa, Extra Hand Weapon and Full Command (Generals unit).

*20 NG w/ Spears, Full Command and 3 (!) NG Fanatics.

*20 NG w/ Bows and Full Command (BFSP Archers, thats why commands there)

*10 Spider Riders w/ Full Command.


*2x Goblin Spear Chukkas

*Orc Boar Chariot

The Deloyment with this army is to have a solid block in the middle with the Boyz (So i cna use the Ld 8 of my Orc Warboss for Ld tests and Animosity) and the NG Spearmen, a small 'gunline' with the Archers and 2 Spear Chukkas on a hill behind (or in the middle with the boyz if no hill is avalible) and the Boar Chariot and Spider Riders in the Flanks.

The plan is to have the main block of troops advance towards the enemy, with the 'gunline' harassing any threating units (Knights etc). The Flankers will have two jobs:

*Attack Warmachines and Archers hiding at the back.

*Get into a position to attack the flanks of the enemy when the boyz and NGs attack the main enemy infantry.

Hopefully, my boss should be able to stop animosity with his leadership, and stop units from running away.

That is the plan though... :P

Any Help apreciated!