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21-03-2008, 11:04
With the special rule for the Eternal guard, how they always get a 5+ armour save reguardless of what they are equiped with, can that be modified by a high Strength value, or anything else for that matter?

21-03-2008, 11:42
It's not so much that the Eternal Guard's save cannot be modified, it's just that they get a 5+ armour save. A Wood Elf Eternal Kindred character with a shield gets a 5+ armour save, and he gets the same save without the shield.

Though the Eternal Guard has a fixed save, it is still an armour save. Armour saves are modified by high Strength attacks etc.


21-03-2008, 16:24
I think that it is the selfe armour save like any else!!
It could be modified like any other armour save!! (The boys in red explained it to me that way)
it is just a simple armour safe!! l

22-03-2008, 15:43
Eternal Guard get an ARMOUR SAVE of 5+, no matter how they are armed/armoured.

GW has written it this way so people could use old models (the WE with spear and shield) either alone or to be mixed with new models, or to let people create their own Eternal Guard.

Remember that ARMOUR SAVES get modified by high strength attacks and WARD SAVES do not.

Chicago Slim
23-03-2008, 02:06
Like Tarax says, it's purely a hack around the WYSIWYG rule: they have a 5+ save (and the front rank has 2 attacks), no matter what it LOOKS like the models have for equipment.

I find this very kind of GW, as I spent about 5 years during the 1990s collecting a unit of over 35 unique metal spearmen (all Maruader or GW), which now serve as my Eternal Guard.

That said, the new models are soooooo pretty, that I'm probably going to shelve that old unit, eventually, in favor of the current models.