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09-10-2005, 15:54
Sergeant Thorn strode into the makeshift briefing room. It was a hastily constructed, poorly lit affair. Chairs littered one end in a loosely organised formation and a white holo-panel lit the other, vacant but for a lonely figure sitting in a chair. The time flashed in the corner of the holo-panel.

0630 local.

The figure in the chair unfolded and stood, revealing itself to be Captain Komisk, a young man rushed through the ranks into the intelligence branch. Thorn snapped off a salute, which Komisk returned.

"Good morning, sergeant" said the Captain. "The rest of your new squad should be joining us shortly. The briefing is scheduled for 0715 local. Why don't you take a seat up here next to the holo-panel?"

Thorn nodded, and took a seat. He drew a thick chax stick from a pocket and lit it. Like a lho stick, but thicker and more fragrant, Thorn preferred the feel and taste of the chax sticks.

09-10-2005, 21:21
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Ruben gingerly entered the room. A sniper rifle hung loosley at his waist. He looked around at the Sergeant before slinging his large pack to the floor and casualy laying into one of the metal chairs. He grinned widley, his teth were a dull grey, chemicaly treated so he wouldnt be seen in the dark. "So Sarge what's the crack with this mission?"...

09-10-2005, 21:34
'Doc' was striding down the corridor, taking his time to get to the briefing room.

His combat fatigues were already on his body, his equipment was left in his quarters, along with his weapons. All he carried now was his combat knife. He always carried that though, so it wasn't special.

His casual pace quickened, quickly getting to the briefing room now. He planned to get there first, just to get a good seat.

The medic reached the room, then walked to a seat in the front.

With a nod and a wink, he looked at the two others in the room.

Nothing to do now but wait for the rest of the squad to arrive, and then wait for the briefing to start.

He crossed his arm, layed his head back, and closed his eyes.

Colonel Walker
10-10-2005, 01:39
Trooper Walker strode in smelling of prothenium. He sat down near the others and lit a Lho stick
'Anyone want a lho?'

10-10-2005, 11:45
0647 hours, local time
Jalon Bazis stifled a yawn as he reassembled his sidearm in the dingy dugout that made up his quarters somewhere in the maze of trenches that formed the outer perimeter defenses of the city. He was on last watch when word came down that a warning order was issued. So now instead of getting the 3 hours of sleep he was looking forward to after his watch was done, he was to report to a briefing at 0715.

Pulling the slide into the frame, Bazis' train of thought was interrupted by a momentary flashback and he began to shake, causing him to drop the slide to the table. Bazis cursed as he placed the frame down, waiting for the shakes to subside. It only took a moment but a moment was all that was needed to get him or his squadmates killed in the field. Scowling, he reached down and completed the assembly process whispering the required prayers as he did so.

A quick functions check, and he holstered the pistol. The sidearm was the last of it. He was ready to go at a moment's notice if it came down to it.
With a dour but satisfied look he departed for the meeting, making his way towards the rear of the defenses with hellgun slung on his shoulder.


Bazis entered the tent, giving a salute to the intelligence officer before sitting down. "Good morning Sir, Sergeant Thorn," the barrel chested storm trooper greeted the unfamiliar officer and sergeant Thorn.
He gave a nod in greeting to his fellow enlisted men as he settled into his seat and waited.

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Commander X
10-10-2005, 12:46
The meeting was scheduled at 0715, and thus Theron walked into the tent at 0714, having had enough of being punished for being late all the time. After walking into the chair closest to the door, he didn't continue further and just took that one.

'Now, what would they want of us this time...' he thought, while looking at the vacantly glowing screen. So far most things those persons high up the chain had planned weren't too healthy for troopers, and he doubted this would be any different.

10-10-2005, 14:02
Alexis Stukov entered the room immediately after Sergeant Thorn and took his seat. He saw the others enter at different times and Stukov merely ignored them. To him, they were all still greenies and more than likely on their first strike team mission.

No matter, they would make an excellent meat screen while he did all the hard work of actually killing the enemy. Sighing to himself, he took out a cigar and merely toyed with it, patting it and then placing it back in his pockect. Not till after the briefing, only the foolish smoked before.

10-10-2005, 18:58
Ruben looked to Walker and took a lho stick then jammed it between his lips and lit the end. He slowly exhaled the anrcotic "Thanks pal, I can tell im gonna like you" Ruben grinned again and offered his hand "the names Ruben, Im a sniper on spec ops so you probably have'nt seen me around"...

11-10-2005, 00:13
Damon had just come in the form the Field when he was assgined to head to the Breifing room for another assingment. He was not happy. He had just been on Recon assingment that the rest of his team was wiped out. wasn't the frist time either

He didn;t bother to remove his backpack he went to the mess hall and grabbed a bite to eat the stuff they called food was worse then what he had in the field at least that stuff was at one point alive.

He walked into the room and Salauted the Sargent

"Lance-Corpal Damon Reporting for Duty Sir!" he could smell the Sargent he didn;t seem like a grizzled veteran some one to lead him into the thicket but didn't matter anyway it was hard to not notice all the Medals that Damon had but instead of on his uniform he had them welded to his Great chain sword

Colonel Walker
11-10-2005, 01:35
Walker shook Ruben's hand.
'Hey Mate, a sniper huh?'
'That's cool'
'Where have you served before?'

11-10-2005, 01:53
'Doc' jumped in his chair, murmuring something noncomprehendable.

Something about a heretic or something...

Doc shook himself awake, rubbing his bleary eyes to focus on the other members of his squad. Hopefully, they were experienced. It was hell for a medic with a virgin squad. Too many accidents to tend to.

He nudged Bazis with his elbow, who seemed to be sitting in the seat beside him. He moved his left hand into a cupped position, extending his arm to shake the hand of Bazis'.

"They call me 'Doc', but you can me 'What the? He's saving my life...again?'"

Doc added a chuckle to the end. It was true though, unless he died early, he was probably going to save someones life before this mission was over. But for now, his mission was to shake hands with Bazis.

11-10-2005, 03:08
Jalon was thumbing through his copy of the Primer when he heard mumbling from the man sitting beside him. He glanced at the man who appeared to be asleep when he jumped with the words "heretic" escaping from his lips.

"...HERETICS! HOLD THIS LINE AT ALL COST!," came the shout from Sergeant Kallar straining to be heard above the chatter of gunfire and screaming. A bolter round impacted the concrete wall just over and behind Jalon's head and as he turned back to look towards the front line, he saw the dark form of a jump pack equiped Chaos Marine bearing down on the Sergeant with a chain sword raised high. A half scream in duet with the gurgling of blood filling his lungs, cut short by the chain sword as it greedily ripped into his body was all Sergeant Kallar offered in response to the barely human cackle of the Raptor.

Jalon twitched and came to his senses from a nudge. The man sitting next to him was awake and was offering his hand in greeting to which Jalon took up with a numb expression. Jalon was shaking again.

"They call me 'Doc', but you can me 'What the? He's saving my life...again?'" Doc added a chuckle to the end.

"I'm Private Jalon Bazis. Good to meet you," he offered a weak smile. "Sorry. I get the shakes sometimes. Saying a prayer helps but I only use it when I have to. Don't want to wear it out y'know...?"


11-10-2005, 03:14
"I say, the power of the Emperor does many things. Bringing you out of your horrid thoughts is one thing...

I don't worry about it too much though, the Emperor always protects anyway. Better him than the Commissar if you know what I mean..."

He gave another laugh before turning around, looking at the men assembled in the room.

"Everyone feeling okay about the mission?"

Doc knew the sarge, and now Private Bazis. Who he didn't know...was the rest of the squad. Hopefully, he could remember their names before they got on the Valkyrie.

Colonel Walker
11-10-2005, 05:14
Walker stood up and threw his Lho stick on the ground and walked over to the doc.
Walker offered his hand
'Hey Doc, I'm Private Walker, Hammer to my friends'
'I dunno much about the mission'
'Want a Lho Stick?'

11-10-2005, 14:55
Private John Ryan walked in almost late, as usual. "Morning to all of you." his voice boomed, and he went and sat next to another guy, throwing his charges on the ground under his seat.

11-10-2005, 16:52
Doc looked to Walker, who offered his hand.

He shook and laughed at the man.

"Hammer eh? Well, we do need a hammer to beat upon the anvil of the enemy!"

Doc raised his voice for the last part, making sure the rest of the squad heard. Faith seemed strong...experience did not. These were combat cherries. New. Inexperienced save for their training.

No matter, they would do their job...hopefully...

11-10-2005, 21:53
As Walker turned from doc ruben regaled him "I've served with the Vallhallan 221st on an ice world called Ilpichar, the rest of my carear has been with various cadian regs', but ive been on iceworlds, desrts, ash wastes, urban hells you name it" Ruben grinned and laughed.

11-10-2005, 22:04
Great the usual I'm such and such, sighed Stukov. He was beginning to see just how 'fresh' these troops were. Sure some of them carried metals, nothing but glory pigs. It was the Stormtroopers that won the wars, they killed the main threats and dealt with them quickly. Thus the main forces could finish the enemy off. Thats all they were, was the dogs to mop up their master's work.

He looked around and growled. It was going to be one hell of a mission and it was only beginning.

11-10-2005, 22:06
"basicaly my job is to watch you kiddies asses, if someone tryies to cap ya', i'll deal with em" Ruben continued.

11-10-2005, 22:07
Stukov kept back a laugh at the foolish comment from the man near him. Such impetence! He should knock the man down. Foolish idiot. When the shooting started, the fool would be the first to break.

11-10-2005, 22:14
Doc let out a laugh.

Doc was a joker, Ruben was an arrogant fool.

There was no room for arrogance in the squad. They were all the same, grunts. Killers. Whatever one called them, that's what they were.

Not 'ass savers'.

11-10-2005, 23:04
James Walked in in full battle gear as he had just arived and not been assinged quarters yet. He quickly scanned the room and of all the grunts in the room he spoted another stormtrooper. He nodded to Stukov and found a place in the back of the room and set his stuff down and quitly took a seat.

11-10-2005, 23:57
after reporting to the Sargent he Went to a table that no one was sitting out he had had time to clean his weapons since he came back form the fleid he doubted that they woudl be clean when he went back out into the thicket but he didn;t want to worry about anything jamming.

he disasslmbed his great chain sword frist not many people knew how he got it and he would tell them when he got back out of the thicket thats what he allways told his fellow squad men so far he hadn;t told anyone yet. once the dried blood and dirt and other things out he put it back together and turned it on quickly worked good as new. every one was slightly startled but he turned it off not like her cared but he wasn;t a show off.

he then started working on his hell gun. takeing it apart and oiling all the parts he rather have a soild slug weapon but ammo was a proplem and being able to recharge a las gun weather it was hell or not was much easier then trying to reuse spent shells.

Colonel Walker
12-10-2005, 00:47
Walker stared at Stukov for a long time. His eyes were cold and unfriendly.
This is where the Karksins got their bad name this guy was a Glory Boy.
There was only two people in Walker's eyes.
Loyal and Unloyal
Stukov seemed the latter.
Alas, he would work with him for the good of the Imperium
Walker looked at Doc and let out a laugh.
'Aye doc i'm the hammer i'll burn them to hell'
Walker grinned.
He turned around and talked to Ruben.
'Wow quite alot of action my friend, you watch my back and i'll watch yours.'
Walker Also took a moment to nod at James
He sat down again, and waited for the breifing to begin

12-10-2005, 04:33
Bazis sat quietly waiting for his shaking to stop. It was an unexplainable phenomenon. Sometimes it accompanied flashbacks, often it didn't. The Sororitas that taught him the prayer which aided with the condition suggested that the spirits of the faithful were about him. All he knew was that the shaking was irritating and kept him from his work. He leaned forward holding himself as the others interacted, sitting back only after his shaking had come to a halt. Bazis had a funny feeling about the mission at hand -there was something about his shakes...


12-10-2005, 05:48
The time on the screen clicked over.

0715 local.

Captain Komisk stood.

"Gentlemen!" His voice was thin, but commanding. He thumbed a button on a remote control and the holo-panel flickered, displaying a small 3D version of Tarsis, the planet they were on.

"This..." he thumbed another button, zooming in on the planets surface "is Turgon Prime, the capital. This city is nothing short of an impressively designed fortress. It houses immense orbital defense lasers, seige artillery, and over 500,000 traitor soldiers. Simply put, we can't get within 150 kilometres of the city without coming under very heavy fire. And we need to take that city."

Another button click. The city loomed large.

"The main artillery batteries are in these five locations." Five dots flashed red on the holographic image.

"Your job is to insert via grav chute, and disable gun battery number one. Your primary mission objective is to disable this battery without destroying it, and then hold the facility against enemy attacks until the main assault force reaches the city and relieves you."

Another click.

"Your drop zone is here, grid reference M.4/6.2. We'll be flying a bombing raid over the city as a distraction. From here, you make your way north to the battery."

Click. The facility itself loomed large.

"The battery is powered by a primary power generator located here."

A red flash.

"There is a secondary generator here, and it will come on line if the first generator is blown."

"These generators are easily replaced, so they are your first port of call. Disable them, and the guns will be unable to fire. But when we take the city, we can still use them."

"However, if it becomes impossible to hold the guns until relieved, you are to destroy them and attempt to fade out of the city."

Another click. The images displayed by the screen swirled, showing the artillery pieces themselves.

"The guns themselves have one vulnerable point. Here." He indicated a piston among the mechanics of the gun mount. "Blow this single strut, and the entire platform will collapse. We will not be able to use the guns in this case, so it is an absolute last resort."

"Now, Sergeant Thorn will speak"

Komisk sat down, and Thorn stood.

"Men. I realise we haven't worked together before. Some of you are veterans, some of you are not. But you are all Stormtroopers. I expect absolute professionalism from every one of you. I want you all at hangar alpha 2 by 1730 this afternoon. Until then, get some rest, get some food, and hit the armoury. Show 'em your tags. They've been told to expect you."

"Any questions?"

12-10-2005, 11:53
Stukov got up and lit the cigar.

'Yes sir!' bellowed Stukov as he got up and left the briefing. He knew this was a suicide mission and was more than likely going to rack up casaulties. Knowing this, Stukov headed over to the cantine and ordered a steak and chips. Showing his tags, the cook did as asked knowing this was more than likely the veterns last proper meal for a long time.

As he ate, he noticed more of his team showing up. Sighing to himself, he pretended to ignore them. He did not want to go anywhere near them, they would all soon be dead and it was best not to get attached. As a vetern, you learned such things. Even though he was due for retirement, he contined onwards. Too many memories and he still fought for his fallen Stormtroopers.

12-10-2005, 12:15
Ryan followed one of the soldiers out of the room he thought he was sure he recognised, tapping him on the shoulder.
"Stuckov, is it Alexis Stuckov."? He offered his hand

12-10-2005, 12:17
'Yes,' Stukov said in a harsh graty voice. 'And you are?' Stukov was not happy about being tapped on the shoulder and ignored the hand offered.

'Never touch me,' Stukov said with a threatening tone.

12-10-2005, 13:00
Ryan took a step back, "John Ryan, i remember serving with you, i cant remember where though." he took away his hand.

12-10-2005, 13:04
Stukov shook his head. 'I don't recall you.'

Stukov continued eating and enjoying the medium rare steak as he tore into it. It was like bootleather to eat, but a steak was a steak!

Commander X
12-10-2005, 13:13
"Yes, I've got a question, sir." Theron spoke up.

"How exactly are we supposed to 'fade out' of a city with over half a million traitors in it. It's not like we won't be attracting attention."

By now Theron had noticed the time on this mission had as much chance of survival as a suicide squad, maybe even less.

12-10-2005, 13:23
One trooper bothered to ask a question.

"How exactly are we supposed to 'fade out' of a city with over half a million traitors in it?"

"Son" he replied, "we do the best we can. Ditch anything with an eagle on it, and then we bluff, lie, hide and sneak as best we can. It's a worst case scenario and I won't lie, the odds aren't good."

No one else seemed to have any questions.

"Breifing over. You're all dismissed."

Colonel Walker
12-10-2005, 15:48
Walker stoood up and saluted the Sergeant and Captain.
He walked over to the Armoury and grabbed his gear, which included a modified flamer.
After that, he walked near Stukov. He sat down at a table aside form him thouge, and ordered a medium welled steak and a Pint of Obuscra.
'Hey Stukov are you to shallow, to have a drink with me?'

12-10-2005, 17:23
Doc gave a little salute, then followed his comrades out of the briefing room.

He got some chow, got his weapons, and then finally. Got his medical gear.

Doc assumed they were to meet in the cafetorium, so he went there.

"Maybe I might get some more food...before I go through one of the four hells of Chaos again..."

Doc's laughter echoed down the hallway as he walked back to the cafetorium.

12-10-2005, 17:49
Bazis left the tent with the others but instead of going straight to the mess, he returned to his quarters and retrieved his gear. After going over it one last time to make sure he didn't miss anything, he took it up and went to the cafeteria. Standard eggs, toast, and sausages breakfast washed down with water. He ate quickly, taking perhaps 15 minutes but chewed thoroughly and energetically. He sat by himself and offered no words in conversation. He had nothing to say.

Completing his hurried meal, he picked up a few extra items from the S-4's depot, signing off as necessary. A quick show of tags and he cut through the tape quickly. Satisfied with the kit, he reported to Hangar Alpha 2 very early and stowed it. About 8 hours left and his daily duties were waved. He stood there in the hangar a good 15 minutes looking dumb before he sat down and broke out a brick of explosives and began to cut and form them into a breaching charge with a length of det chord for later use. The demolitions specialist is going to need some, he guessed.


12-10-2005, 20:17
Ruben enetered the mess and grabbed a curry. He chucked his bags to the floor and dived into a seat befoire diving into the curry, he hadnt eated for around 24 hours. He sat away from the others and when he was done he stood up and hurried out. He headed staright to hangar alpha 2. On his way he went past 108th platoon barackes, a couple of his pals wished him good look, he told them he didnt need it.

As he arrived at the hangar Bazis was already their slumped over some explosives, "Hi" Ruben greeted, looking gingerly upon the massed explosives.

12-10-2005, 22:13
Stukov nodded, he would not turn a drink.

'Pass one if you dare,' Stukov said lighting a cigar finishing his food. He downed the drink and nodded. 'Good stuff.'

Stukov then remained quiet. He hated these attempts at gaining trust and the rest, in his mind, they were already untrustworthy until proven otherwise, as he would soon see once they made planetfall.

12-10-2005, 23:10
James stood and took his things with him once the meeting was over. He was give directions to his quarters and he quitly went to them. He stored his gear and changed into fitigues before going to the mess hall. He found a table alone in a corner and ordered himself some food and drink before pulling out a cigar of his own and lighting it up. He let the smoke slowly roll out of his mouth clearly injoying the flavor.

12-10-2005, 23:46
Damon stayed in the room until he was done cleaning his weapons. then he left his stuff on the table and walked up to the computerand begun to acesse information. he allready knew what it showed him.

since he had just steped on the base he knew he didn;t want to deal with trying to find a bed in the place he unrolled his bed roll on the floor and packed up the rest of his bag he took a few things out he wouldn;t need to save on the weight but it was allready very compact. he turned off the lights and leaned back in the chair he could hear the camp around him slowly calling it a night. he opened his front pouch and saw his pack of cigars he was about to pull one out but not a good idea he had no reason to smoke know he was allready calm as it was and out in the thick of it he would wish he had one he called it a early night and went to sleep. just incase he allways slept with his chain sword on his chest. He had been glad to have it on more then one occasion

13-10-2005, 00:31
Everyone seemed to be going to hanger Alpha II, so Doc followed the people as they left.

He already had his weaponry, his Hellgun slung over his shoulder(Hanging loosely on its sling). Mixed pouches and bags carried his medical equipment.

He was ready.

13-10-2005, 01:07
Damon didn't need sleep he seemed to be able to jam in alot of sleep in anot alot of time he woke up and rolled up his bedroll and stuffed it into his pack he had his Great Chain sword in its scabbared on his backpack and his hell gun across his side he sat down against the wall letting the metal suck the heat out of him it was so humid on this side of the planet he hoped the city would be cooler but he doubted it.

He saw the other people coming in he quickly got to his feet.

the "clam before the storm" he though to him self

Colonel Walker
13-10-2005, 04:39
Walker nodded at Stukov and gave him a bottle for the road.
After grabbing his gear, and an extra kit for the medic,
he went to the Hanger

13-10-2005, 07:17
Bazis was rolling his first breaching charge into plastic when someone walked in.

"Hi" Ruben greeted, looking gingerly upon the massed explosives.

"Hey," Bazis nodded. He finished rolling the charge into plastic and stored it away. "You're early," he observed passively as he began to cut pieces from a block of explosives. Just then, Doc wandered in. "Doc," he greeted, "nothing to do for the next 7 hours or so?"


Commander X
13-10-2005, 12:35
Theron was a bit unnerved by the Sergeant's statement, so didn't bother stopping by the mess to eat and drink a bit - he would probably regret this later on. He went straight to his own tent and prepared his equipment.

After he had done that, he went to the hangar too, and saw several others standing around in there already. Theron couldn't help himself, and he curiously walked over to them, hoping there would be something of 'interest' there.

13-10-2005, 17:06
Ruben shrugged "Lifes boring,then you die" |He joked before placing his sniper rifle on a bech. He withdrew a screwdriver from one of his various pouches and began taking it to peices. He did this task lovingly, he rifle had been given many modifications. He brushed all the parts down and oiled areas, he tightened and untightened screws...

14-10-2005, 00:16
After his meal he returned to his room and got some sleep. what he could anyway. the nightmare always came to him. it was hard for him to get a full nights sleep but he had learned to deal with the few hours he could get. He geared up and went to the Hanger as ordered and leaned agenst a wall and lit a cigar as he waited for more orders to be given.

14-10-2005, 09:19
"Lifes boring,then you die"

Bazis gave a half smirk while he cut away another piece from the block of explosives. "There aren't too many things more 'exciting' than a combat unit posting in the Cadian sector, I think. I mean sure, if you really want excitement you could always burn your Primer in front of a commisar and try to escape through a mine field," Bazis shrugged. To each their own, after all.

He paused a moment while forming the second breaching charge and turned to Ruben. "Something tells me this operation is going to be interesting. Just you wait. The briefing is already hinting at steak and potatoes."


Commander X
14-10-2005, 11:27
"I see all of you are already busy packing extra things. I wouldn't take too much if I were you, you'll have to carry it along all the time."

Theron looked at Bazis cutting away at the explosives for a while, then got bored and walked away. He left his equipment there, as he would have to get back there anyway.

In the meantime he would wander around the hangar a bit, and he couldn't help himself but take away a nice looking lighter lying so lonely on a few crates. He had absolutely no use for it, but still he took it, just because.

14-10-2005, 15:52
The hours ticked by. Thorn got some sleep. At 1300 he rose, and began to gear up. He was in the hangar by 1330, checking Grav chutes and making certain there were no hiccups with their transport.

Several of the other squad members were there, and Thorn took the time to have a few words, a quiet chat, getting to know his new squad a little better.

Time was ticking away, not long until launch time.

14-10-2005, 16:25
Ruben looked up at Bazis. "this is only my third spec ops mission" Ruben said "The first two were blown up, made em sound like suicidal, death missions. Both i ended up pening a few weeks in a deathworld jungle, no cultists to be seen" he siged before returning to his rifle, half of it re assembled.

Brother Smith
14-10-2005, 17:14
Charon had been absent for the whole briefing, and quarters allocation. Shame really, he enjoyed meeting commrades before operations.

He walked into the compound, and activated a wall cogitator, using his security code to access the briefing files. After reading them, and taking note of his role, he headed towards the hangar, to stake himself a good spot in the transport. He would greet the rest of the team when they arrived.

Going through the roster, he recognised the name Ruben, though he didn;t know where from. He dismissed the thought, as he would recognise the man when he saw him.

14-10-2005, 17:52
Ruben fliped his re asembled rifle and held it up to his face. It looked quite heavy but wasnt that much more than a hellgun. He placed it back down and grabbed a spare clip and jamed it in. H epulled back the stock and pulled the rifle up to eye level. He pulled the trigger. A loud bang echoed around the hagar and everyone jumped. Ruben grinned and grabbed his binoculars from the bench he ocupied, he zoomed in on the sign he was firing at.

"Alway wear a hard hat" The small head with a hat had a large hole in it. He grinned again. In the feild i'll be firing high velocity armour peircing rounds, they'll blow a head clean off" he grinned again.

14-10-2005, 19:36
Stukov was already there and was awaiting the drop. He wanted to get into action immediately. Stukov was tired of sitting around and wanted to be where he belonged, on the battlefield killing the scum of the Emperor or the Accursed Xenos.

'Bet its a damn Genestealer cult,' spat Stukov smoking his cigar. He knew only two things take over a city, its either Chaos or Genestealers. Both where deadly. He only prayed for the latter, as only a Space Marine force was sent in to destroy Chaos as Imperial Guard could not do it, and Stukov knew this.

It was him and his Sergant by the time they reached the nest of the foul cult they were hunting. Suddenly the true cancer revealed itself. A foul unbound daemon leapt upon Stukov's Sarge and devoured him. Stukov shot at the Daemon and luckily weakened it enough where it soon disappeared back to the warp.

His Sarge lived, but was forever mind srubbed and certain things were 'erased' from his own memory.

He knew.

14-10-2005, 21:39
James looked at Stukov when he made his Genestealer comment. "We will see." he took another long drag on his Cigar. "We will see."

14-10-2005, 22:36
"this is only my third spec ops mission" Ruben said "The first two were blown up, made em sound like suicidal, death missions. Both i ended up pening a few weeks in a deathworld jungle, no cultists to be seen"

Bazis let out a small chuckle. "My platoon and I was ordered to hold a grain processing plant on the outskirts of a city called Port Frasi. The trick to that was when we got there, there was an empty field where the map indicated. We held that field for about 45 hours before we were told to actually do something useful."

He finished wrapping the third charge and put them away. "Believe me, things do happen on these missions. This one is sure to include a bang or two. We are being sent right into a nest of heretics after all."

*BANG* Bazis jumped and looked sharply a Ruben.

"...In the feild i'll be firing high velocity arour peircing rounds, the'll blow a head clean off"

"Check your fire unless you want MPs, a Commisar, an officer, or any other kind of similar trouble to come this way." Shaking his head, he turned back to his ruck and checked the packing for the n'th time.


15-10-2005, 12:13
"meh, I gotta' test my weapon" Ruben chuckled, "yeh this mission does sound prety deep, we'll send some heretics back to hell eh?" Bazis nodded in agreement.

Ruben began checking his large pack and his pouches fir all his equipment. He fiddled with his helmet for a while before sitting back on the bench.

Colonel Walker
15-10-2005, 18:05
Walker also wondered if it was heretics or Genestealers

Brother Smith
16-10-2005, 11:52
Ah, they were beggining to arrive. Charon relaxed, there seemed to be a good mix of veterans and meatshields. Not that it mattered, he would be safely hid amongst the city, delivering the Emperors judgement to these 'heretics'. Something Stukov said still rang through him though, he thought the man seemed experienced enough to know what he was talking about.

'No, don't!' Schmitt yelled as Charon pelted across the ruins of Xanthil VIII. Autogun rounds blazing past him, the snapping sound they created as they flew past cust into him more than the cold. He ran into a rebel on the other side of the street. Panicking, Charon quickly put two rounds in his chest.

Bang. Bang.

He fell to the floor, writhing.

He might aswell get to know some people, most likely those he would need to stay alive. He got up and walked out of the transport, heading for Stukov.

He offered a handshake.
'Names Charon, and you seem like the kind of guy who knows what he's doing.'

16-10-2005, 16:54
Damon was getting annoyed he wanted to get into the fray not just sit around doing nothig.

17-10-2005, 16:04
As the time drew nearer, the flight crew and ground team for the Valkyrie appeared. Meticulously, the checked and re-checked fuel loads, weapon systems, communications, landing gear, ignition systems, and a hundred other things Thorn had no idea about. Eventually the ground crew left, and the flight crew gave Thorn the thumbs up. Everything good to go.

Thorn looked around. Seemed like everyone was there, ready to go.

"All right, everyone get on board!"

Troopers started heaving themselves into the troop hold of the aircraft and grabbing seats.

Thorn was the last in, taking a seat next to the hatch. He clipped his helmet shut, and activated the comms, keying in to the cabin frequency.

"Pilot, this is mission lead. Everyone aboard. Let's blow this shithole. Over"

"Roger that, mission lead. Over."

With a lurch, the Valkyrie taxied out of the hangar and into the early dusk. Shuddering, it picked up speed as it moved along the tarmac, and clumsily hauled itself off the ground. The Valkyrie was a fine example of Imperial technology. As sleek and subtle as a drunken Squat.

Thorn Keyed into the squad comm frequency.

"Time to target is five Imperial hours. We make drop at 2355 local."

17-10-2005, 18:02
Ruben sat on his cahir, tightening his rmour and atching a toolbelt. He pulled his helmet over his head, the visor slightly distorting his vison. He hit the side of his helmet and the visor shot back, he preferd his real vision. He laid back in the seat thinking of what was ahead.

Brother Smith
17-10-2005, 20:05
Charon was very comforatable, as he was sitting on his cloak, which rested neatly on the cold steel seats.

This was good, as he wouldn't be sitting out the flight with sore buttocks!

He checked his rifle, and laid back against the walls of the flying tank that was the Valkyrie. A bit of sleep never harmed anyone, and he was going to need as much as he could in the next few hours. Besides, if they were hit, there would be nothing he could do to help.

'Nighty night guys'

Colonel Walker
18-10-2005, 00:39
Walker made sure his hellgun was on safe and he was buckled up.

18-10-2005, 02:04
Damon leaned his head against thw wall and begun to get his mind prepped for the battle that would come shortly. he allready here th gunfire

Commander X
18-10-2005, 11:25
'This is boring, perhaps sleeping is indeed the best idea...' Theron thought, while looking around the cabine. As there wasn't anything better to do - his equipment had long been prepared, and there wasn't anything to eat in here - he too laid back and fell asleep...

18-10-2005, 18:00
Ruben was wide awake, he was used to staying awake as a sniper.Caffine pilles were a bad idea as they can slow you reactions and reduce a snipers skill considerably so he had just learned not to sleep. The others were dropping off, in his opinion a bad idea, a waking soldiers combat eficency is reduced. He sighed and trained his eyes around the cqabin, it was just a dull metal hull.

18-10-2005, 18:24
Stukov allowed himself a smile. Finally back to the field of war. He always did enjoy a good fire ballte now and then.

He puffed on his cigar and saw the one called Ruben awake.

Stukov nodded and enjoyed the ride into hell's awaiting jaws.

18-10-2005, 18:37
Ruben looked at Stukov, the seemingly experienced and mature soldier. "got one of those to spare" he casualy asked and motoned to the cigar he was puffing on.

18-10-2005, 18:49
'Only got one left, and thats for the end of the mission or before I die, boy,' Stukov said grunting. Instead he took out a packect of cigs and chucked them at Ruben.

'Have one of these, they're stronger than your normal ones,' Stukov said with a hoarse laugh.

18-10-2005, 18:55
"Fairplay" Ruben thanked the veteran, he shoved one of the cigs in his mouth and lit it before chckingthem back. "Sarge's clamped down on these in baracks, just cant get em, your a veteran right, were'vyou served" ruben asked, half mystifed by the grizzled soldier.

18-10-2005, 19:03
'Recently Ichar IV,' Stukov said dragging at his cigar. 'Thats all you need to know.'

Stukov smoked the cigar slower now, enjoying the smoke.

'This mission is my last one.'

'What when you retire?' asked Ruben (OoC/Sorry grubby, needed to use your character/OoC)

'As in I doubt I will be returning with you guys.'

18-10-2005, 19:07
[occ- thats fine slaz]

Grubnatz nodded in understanding "me i paln to get out of this mess, hopefully I can get a promotion out of this" Ruben thought aloud.

18-10-2005, 20:04
James flicked away his cigar and put on his helm before loading up. He took a seat a few down from Stukov. He nodded to the man before closing his eyes and went in to a silent prayer to the emporer. once done he opened his eyes agan and loaded a fresh clip into his hellgun then loading his combat shotgun. He looked at the men around him and hoped most would be making it home again.

Brother Smith
18-10-2005, 21:57
Charon was awoken by a sudden jolt. Good thing, as he would need to be awake for the drop.

He opened his eyes, to see the squad in their er... glory;

The grizzled vet, the showoff, the medic... the whole squad was an assortment of different personalities.

But who gave a feth about that anyway. As long as they could shoot straight, they could hold their own against most regiments...

18-10-2005, 23:31
'The Emperor has protected me too long, I doubt my Guardian Angel looks over me anymore, not after my sin,' Stukov mused.

He thought back to the last mission where he watched as his brother stormtroopers were murdered as he was rendered useless by a sideways slash of a Warrior. He could not do anything expect watch. He was forced to live and by living, he had a second chance to find that final release from everything, death.

19-10-2005, 01:20
Damon looked around an heard Stukov talking another sucide angel he thought. they never think there gonna get out and uselly do.

"I doubt that your gudarian angel ain't looking out for ya Stuk and if he ain;t we'll proply all end up dead"

"but ya never know mabye we'll end up comeing back with ya and if we don't" Damon ripped off a small pacth form his shirt

"give this to the General Rogal back at the base and tell him "told ya"

19-10-2005, 02:47
When the ground crew appeared, Bazis put the cameleoline over his carapace, tugging the straps and made sure the fit was proper before donning the LBE, pack, and grav chute kit. He sat down with a weighty thud and waited until the ready signal.

"All right, everyone get on board!"

He stood up with the help of the wall behind him and lumbered up the ramp, finding a spot about the middle to sit down again.

"Time to target is five Imperial hours. We make drop at 2355 local."

That was all Bazis needed to hear. He set his chrono and plugged a line to it before leaning back to get comfortable. With a pause, he looked over at the smokers a moment and decided to pull his face mask down before attempting to catch up on the sleep he was deprived of this morning. If there's a plan, it would take less than five hours to explain it.


19-10-2005, 16:51
Ruben thought about asking Stukov about his sin but thought better of it. He sat back in silence, sucking on the smoking stick pressed between his lips. "So then, anyone have the faintest idea why they chose us misfits to go on this jolly suicide mission, or was it just ene, mine, mine mo" Ruben asked no one in particular.

19-10-2005, 23:06
'We're expandle. All of us. In some shape or form, your officers don't like you. It could be jealousy, hatred, utter bitterness, a grudge or something else,' Stukov said with a slight cough. 'Me, I was the last man from my troop. This came up and they thought, 'Frag, he'll die soon and then he's someone else problem.'

20-10-2005, 16:43
Ruben chuckled "sarge loves me" he joked and sighed.

20-10-2005, 18:44
Of a sudden, the dull krump of distant explosions sounded through the sides of the hull.

"That'll be the bombing raid."

The Sergeant looked at his chronometer. The timepiece, set to local time, flashed in the dark. 2340.

"Time to target, 15 minutes."

The explosions grew steadily louder as the Valkyrie drew nearer to the drop zone.

The bright red pre-jump light blinked on, and the troopers in the hold stood and started strapping on grav chutes.

"Everyone check the altimeters. We want them set for 200 metres!"

200 metres meant that the troopers would be in a free-fall until they were 200 metres above the ground, then the grav chute would activate and begin to slow their descent. 200 metres was very low, but they couldn't afford to be spotted in the sky.

A few tense minutes passed, then the light went green. The rear door slid open, and the fierce night air tore into the hold, freezing and loud.

"All right, everyone out!"

Brother Smith
20-10-2005, 19:20
Charon was the first out, leaping from the exit ramp and into the abyss below. Feeling the air rush past his face, he checked his grav-chute. 200 metres setting... oh well... more time to enjoy freefall...

20-10-2005, 20:13
Ruben clenched his teeth and jumped from the ship, he flicked his grav chute on and closed his eyes. He felt the air rush past, his face however was sheilded by his now visored helmet. "whoooooooo" he screamed through his radio.

Brother Smith
20-10-2005, 22:07
Charon motioned to Ruben.

Basically, he was telling him to ***** himself in sign language.

Radio silence would be a good idea, Charon thought, at least until they got close to the targets.

20-10-2005, 22:36
"Time to target, 15 minutes."

Bazis opened his eyes and sat up on cue. Already kitted up, he stood in line and double checked himself, the ring on his altitude reader set to 200 meters and wired into his helmet. With the green light, Bazis shuffled forward as each storm trooper jumped in turn.

In free fall, he studied the lay of the land, picking out the features below him and oriented himself with the help of a compass on his chrono.


Colonel Walker
20-10-2005, 23:24
Walker paryed to the Emperor and jumped out, waiting for the hell below him

21-10-2005, 01:06
Without saying a word he was the next to jump. he had made jumps like this one hundreds of times or more. he had stopped counting years ago. He slimed for the first time as he dropped.

Commander X
21-10-2005, 11:22
This was the part Theron didn't like. He couldn't see where he was supposed to be heading to, and there was plenty of chance they would end up as a red puddle on the ground.

'I thought I told them I don't like to jump. And what do I get? Them....'

While cursing the Sergeant and those above him to Terra and back in his mind, Theron continued to fall down, secretly hoping it would be the Sergeant to end up splattered on the ground...

21-10-2005, 19:02
Stukov made finally preparations and slung his hellgun over his back.

Stukov looked at out and then jumped. It had been the 523rd jump he had ever made and it was always a rush. As he fell through the heavens, Stukov kept an easy eye on his altimeter and kept one hand on the parachute rope. He would be ready to pull it once he was given the go.

Looking over the land, Stukov shudderred. The city was going to be hell and once more, he was going head first into it. Stormtroopers were the real men who got the real work done. This was his job, the unsung hero.

21-10-2005, 19:08
Ruben grinned, Charon looked prety brassed off. Below him the cityscape was zooming towards him at an alarming rate. Large stone buildings and industrial complexes, huge gothic cathedrals, buildings burning and smoking. Large hellish gun enmplacments and aa bateries lay around the city, ordinance reigned from the fortified walls.

21-10-2005, 21:51
The city below was looming closer, gaining more definition through the haze of altitude. Bazis flicked on the light amplification briefly to see if he could pick out certain details. St Draske's Cathedral was a bit off to the left and somewhere in the neighborhood of his front sat an Administratum structure.
Bazis reoriented himself to the North on an educated guess, picking out an area across from a small park, flattened from bombing but not heavily cratered.

The ground getting closer still, fires could be made out dotting certain areas of the ruined city. At 350 meters, his altitude reader sent a beep to his helmet and he righted himself. At 200 meters, Bazis activated the grav chute and felt a tug as it released a drag stip and the unit began to steadily power up. With a low opening, he hit the quick release on his kit letting it roll off his upper legs and felt it come to a stop with a yank at the end of the lowering line. He adjusted his rifle as the ground was rushing at him and he heard the thud of his kit, cuing him to a 1 second warning of impact. He kept himself relaxed and rolled with the impact with an experienced hand.

He reflexively hit the quick release to the lowering line and grav chute and looked around to reorient himself. Bazis froze. There were eyes staring back at him in the shadows, reflected by what little light there was in the pock marked, rubble filled landscape. Something -a humanoid form was hunched over the remains of an animal not more than 7 meters away.

Suddenly without warning it charged at Bazis letting out a low throaty grunt. It was all Bazis could do to fall backwards and kick the thing which let out a yelp as his boot impacted the chest. His hand, instinctively on the grip of his blade, shot out exposing the ceramite edge. He rolled over and brought the weapon down on the creature, chopping at it repeatedly. He only stopped when the solid cuts began to take a wet sound to it.

Everything was still and silent save for his breathing and a bubbling, hissing sound coming from the wounds of the thing. Now having a good look at it, Bazis saw it was a child. At least it took on features of a child, though deformed and twisted. It had patches of scales and boils and warts made the surface of its skin uneven. A pronounced jaw with rows of jagged teeth and catlike eyes.


Brother Smith
21-10-2005, 23:19
Charon felt the thud of the Grav-Chute kicking in. It was like hitting a speeding lorry.

Once on the ground, he crouched and ran for the nearest house. He stepped inside, creeping through the door. Alas, it was empty.

He worked his way up to the top of the house. He could see all over the field that the squad had landed in. They were all dropping now, rolling on impact and getting in strategic positions.

He checked his rifle and activated the sights, peering out upon the men, and the urban surroundings. He could see it all, including their objectives. All lit up in the differing colours of infa-red.

23-10-2005, 13:26
Just as ruben thought he was about to hit the ground teh grav chute kicked in. He was jerked violently and began to hover over the ground. He dropped to the floor and dropped the grav pack to the ground. He immediatly drew his rifle, he flicked the scope to thermal and scanned, nothing. He screwed on the extra silencer, it would muffle the gun more than the built in silencer.

Stooping he ran towards a pile of rubble and crouched in it. He noticed a man looking our a window but knew it was Charon. He ducked into possition and placed his rifle on the makeshift wall. covering it with some foliage. He peered into the scope and scanned the area, he flicked on the night vision and went ot 20X zoom, scanning a road ahead. A scavenger was stopped over a dead guardsman, taking the fallen soldiers equipmnent.

Ruben flicked to macro mode, the area around the stooped, robed figure blured and he got a veiw. The scavenger turned, his face was pale and his eyes grey, Ruben stayd his breath and place d the cross hair on the things forhead. He sqweesed the trigerand the head wa sjerked backwards, before the boddy fell. The sound was minimal, a small trace could be seen through the air. He flicked his scope back to deafault and peered around. The visor on his helmet was open and his eyes perred around, looking for movement.

23-10-2005, 21:29
Observing the area was clear of hostiles, Bazis turned his attention back to the fallen form. Using a well paced boot to pin the corpse in place, he tore the ragged shirt from the small mutant's body to wipe his blade down. Once satisfied that his weapon was clean he sheated it and retrieved his ruck and grav chute. Passing the mutant's meal, he saw it to be a mid sized dog, its rotting flesh a mix of bluing grays and blackenning reds, a thin semi-transparent yellowish slime coated portions of it. Bazis wrinkled his nose, glad that he didn't shut off the closed circuit breather.

With ruck and chute in hand, he hit the tactical channel on his helmet vox. "Private Jolan Bazis. Checking in." Jolan didn't wait for a response. He had to tidy up in the meantime. He picked up the mutant's body and walked over to a point that appeared to drop out of view.


With a grunt Bazis tossed the mutant's body into a gutted out basement he found near the crater. It should be good enough for a while if anyone misses it, he thought as he gave one last look at it before going off to bury his wrapped grav chute somewhere. He found a spot in a small temple near the park. Some loose floorboards giving access to a crawlspace and a good sized chunk of rubble or two did the trick.


23-10-2005, 21:43
Ruben activated his comns, "Corporal Ruben Quinn reporting, one possible hostile scratched, on the main road bout 15 metres form private Bazis' positon, other activity registers negative but hostiles could be incongneto, over and out" Ruben reported.

25-10-2005, 01:41
James made his landing without incident and did as he had alwasy done. He scaned the area with his hellgun before hiding his grav chute in a large patch of brush.

"McKenna reporting all clear so far awaiting orders over" He took cover behind a large tree and waited for the rest of the team.

25-10-2005, 02:25
Damon hit the ground and dropped his gravshute and pulled out his Chain sword he really didn;t trust the gun but it hand its use's he quickly looked around saw that the rest of the team was comeing out he moved quitly up the road

"Lance Corpal Damon Reporting no boogies yet awaiting orders"

Brother Smith
25-10-2005, 17:25
Charon could hear a cratching noise creeping up the stairs.

'Zark?' It spurted, looking at the corpse of one of his mutant brethren.

Charon was behind a wall, out of sight. He turned silently, and sheathed his knife, bringing it down into the traitors neck.

He then took the two bodies and proped them against the wall, and laid a trap using some rope.

Looking out of the window again, he could see that most of the squad had arrived.

25-10-2005, 19:02
Ruben dug quickly with his spade, the ground was damp making easy diggging. He threw his grav chute into the hole and spreaded dirt and foliage over. He stowed his spade and pulled up his rifle, scanning the area before moving towards the road, his back crouched. He grabbed teh dead mutant and dragged him, or it, into a bush. He ran back to his possition and crouched behind the rubble. "tracks clear" he reported.