View Full Version : VC Question: about upgrading vamps magic level

21-03-2008, 18:21
Is the 50 pt upgrade per magic level worth it for a level 1 Hero or just a Lord?

Every army I have seen so far has always upgraded their lord, but not hero.

Until today when I saw a none Lord based army with 4 vamps all level 2 and with the ability to gain +2 dice to each of the power pools.

Man could that thing cast.

Anyway I was wondering what everyone thinks. Are necromancers a thing of the past.

I'm trying to make a list for a campaign where everyone will bringing their own non VC list and submit a VC list for others to fight. I want my VC list to be different then the others.

Let me know.

21-03-2008, 18:23
Level 1 mages dont get the 50pt magic level, upgrade.....they only get the power that gives them an additional magic level.
You cant get a level 2 mage that generates an additional 2 dice.

21-03-2008, 18:43
Oh well then the guy I saw last night had and error in his list big time. Are you sure? I will have to check the book when I get home. If your right I need to talk to him about it.

21-03-2008, 19:50
a vampire hero choice is level 1. He can not purchase an upgrade to lvl 2 for points cost.

a vampire lord choice is level 2 and may be upgraded to level 3 for a points cost.

There is a bloodline power that raises the level of the vampire by 1. There is another bloodline power that allows the vampire to generate two extra power dice. Neither one of these abilities is worth more than 50 points, however both combined are above 50, but less than 100. Since a vampire hero may only spend 50 points on bloodline powers, he may do one or the other

Therefore a vampire hero may be a regular level 2 wizard through the purchase of one bloodline power, or he may be a level 1 wizard with 3 power dice, through the purchase of the other. They can not be combined as doing so wille exceed the points limitation on bloodline powers (and if you ask me, the points cost on those items is partially to prevent you from making a level 2 wizard with 4 power dice as a hero choice).

However a vampire lord choice may purchase both as well as increasing his magic level to 3, without using bloodline points pools, therefore it is possible to get a level 4 wizard with 6 power dice.

But correct, a vampire hero can not have both powers at the same time, as it exceeds their points limitations