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21-03-2008, 21:07
Hey guys! Well, inspired by a combination of the film 300, and afterwards reading Herodotus' 'The Histories' (historical source for the Battle of Thermopalye) and the Iliad, I was inspired to make myself a force to recreate the armies of the ancient Greeks, and especially the Spartans. This was, unfortunately, about a year ago when the film came out, so it's a pity I've only recently got round to it. :P

Anyway, I've come up with a 1000pts list which some adaptability for different forces, and I'd like some feedback on it! The Level 1 Mage variant (read on to understand this) played a practice game today against O+G, and the Magic went to pot completely (2 miscasts in first 2 turns with the Level 1 Mage while casting...guess what, Drain Magic!!!), but I still got a Minor Victory out of it. So, here's the list!

High Elf Noble
-Great Weapon
-Dragon Armour
-Reaver Bow
-Mask of the Merlord

High Elf Mage
-Level 2
-Silver Wand
-Lore of Shadows

High Elf Mage
-Level 1
-Jewel of Dusk
-High Magic

15 Spearmen
-Full Command

15 Spearmen
-Full Command

15 Swordmasters
-Full Command
-Banner of Ellyrion

This is the Level 1 Mage variant which performed today. In retrospect, this is the army to field against more Magic-heavy armies such as Vampire Counts, due to the extra Dispel dice and Drain Magic which I gain.

Variant 2 is the Great Eagle variant. This is a more generic one for armies with average levels of magic. The High Elf Mage is dropped for 2 Great Eagles, the Level 2 Mage changes his Silver Wand for the Jewel of Dusk, and the Swordmasters receive the Banner of Sorcery instead of that of Ellyrion. Decent level of Magic, plenty of Power dice, but still has combat prowess and can use the Great Eagles to prevent marches and redirect charges.

Variant 3 is a list I intend to use tomorrow against a dwarf player, when he brought it to my attention that using Great Eagles against Dwarves to stop marching was pointless. So Variant 3 is the same in all respects to Variant 2, except with a Repeater Bolt Thrower in place of the Great Eagles. Gives me something to reduce numbers of Thunderers, and has the potential to solid shot nasty stuff like cannons and characters as required.

So there we go! All comments are welcome! Enjoy!


Da Black Gobbo
21-03-2008, 21:17
you need flanking units mate, fantasy is not only about big blocs of infantry, you need some guys that get extra CR, some little units of scouts or elyrion reavers should do it.d

21-03-2008, 22:56
Ellyrion Reavers-hate the models, great concept of background though.

Shadow Warriors-considered it, but meh.

I've never had problems so far with losing CR through lack of a flanking unit. Very often I can get into a position where I can either countercharge in a flank with either Spearmen or Swordmasters, or I can charge the front with Swordmasters and flank with Spearmen. My main defence against CR in that manner is by not allowing myself to get flanked, as that is the main way the phalanxes are beaten, both historically and practically.

At 1000pts I have had no problems with this as I say, but at over this points I'm going for some Lion Chariots. Very flexible, fast, good flanking units and the added advantage of fitting into an ancient Greek-style army. :)

22-03-2008, 02:38
High elves can go wihtout flankers due to heavy killing power, but only if they have enouf shooting to stop themselves getting flanked. U should drop a mage for an RBT.

22-03-2008, 09:26
One of the variants for the list does drop the Mage for a RBT. However, against Magic heavy armies such as VC, I'd prefer the extra Dispel dice that the second Mage provides, as well as the Drain Magic capability. As my standard list, however, it'll be a toss up between the Great Eagles and the RBT. Possibly it will be very much dependant upon opponent, as both have their uses, and I'll be testing the RBT variant today vs. Dwarfs.

Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming. :)