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21-03-2008, 21:24
Here's a list for a 2999 league we're holding in a LGS. My two opponents are Skaven & Empire:

Dark Acolyte, Forbidden Lore, Avatar of Death
Flaming Rod of Death, Sceptre de Noirot, Flayed Hauberk
Extra Level
(Goes with Grave Guard)

Wight King BSB
Sword of Kings, Gem of Blood
Barded Skeletal Steed
(Goes with Black Knights)

Avatar of Death, Dark Acolyte
Hand of Dust

Book of Arkhan, Dispel Scroll
Extra Spell (Raise Dead, Vanhels)
(Goes on Lodestone Corpse Cart)

Corpse Cart
Unholy Lodestone

Corpse Cart

20 Ghouls

30 Skeletons
Full Command
Banner of the Endless Nightmare

25 Zombies

25 Zombies

7 Dire Wolves
Doom Wolf

5 Dire Wolves

20 Grave Guard
Full Command

4 Fell Bats

9 Black Knights
Full Command


Black Coach

Power Dice: 9 + 5 Bound spells
Dispel Dice: 6 + 1 Scroll

Being 2999 points is a new challenge and the army looks quite big considering this. I am looking forward to using it along with an alternate magically superior lord. There's a great amount of 'Bound' spells here - 5 of them - 1 from the Lord, 1 from the Necromancer, 2 from the Corpse Carts and the Hand of Dust.

Deployment with this army is simple, an infantry centre with the Corpse Carts behind them for support. The Zombies will be side by side with the Black Coach supporting them while the Dire Wolves, Black Knights and the Varghulf. The Fell Bats and Hellsteed fill the obvious role of war machine hunters.

Comments and Critiques are welcome as always!

- V

22-03-2008, 09:47
Why the Avatar of Death on your Lord?
Since you buy the flayed hauberk.
is it to get the greatweapon?