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The Clairvoyant
22-03-2008, 00:28
My first game with the new book tomorrow. It's too late to change the list now, but thought i'd share so any comments can be used to change it for the next game (in another 6 weeks or so - i don't play often enough!!)

Vampire Lord - WBH, Blood Drinker, Red Fury, Inf Hatred, Walking Death
leading 25 Grave Guard (full command + banner of barrows)
+ Wight King with Drakenhof banner

(yes he is my general so i want him safe!)

Vampire Lord with standard uber-magicness and Helm.
leading 20 spearmen with FC and Banner of Hellfire (i'm facing a cult of slaanesh army so removing ward saves is a plus!)

Vampire Lord - ethereal, GW and dark acolyte (to make L3 - its cheaper than buying L3 normally)
leading 5 wraiths plus banshee (their job is to clear woods of scouts stopping me marching, among other things, but thats their first target)

Vampire - AoD, lord of the dead and Book of Arkhan
leading 20 skellies with FC

20 more skellies (vanilla)

20 zombies with banner (8pts for +1CR is worth it, especially as i intend to raise loads)

5 Black Knights with banner of strigos (as i'm rubbish at rolling to hit)

10 ghouls (support/flank unit)

Black Coach

2 x 5 Dire wolves

Necro on corpse cart with balefire and 2 scrolls
Driverless corpse cart with balefire

I've probably forgotten something so yes this list does look quite small!

I know the skellie units are small but the with Vamp lord and the mini-vamp both with LotD, they should get bigger. (i'm taking a spare 80 skellies)

I'm taking 60 spare zombies for raising stuff

My PD pool is 16 and DD pool is 10, but with 2x -1 to cast and a skull staff, the 2 scrolls should be enough. I know my opponent will turn up with around 17 power dice but the above should sort that out.

I'm not using Blood Knights because they're too expensive pts-wise and no swarmy things because i want an infantry-ish army. The only reason i'm using a varghulf is because i painted it the other day - i don't see it as a regular in my army.

The third count is more of a luxury than anything else and because i like the idea of an ethereal vampire. Yes he's droppable from the army but he's there for fun.

I've never beaten my opponents Cult of Slaanesh army (damn them and their ItP thingy :D). I was going to take a frost blade-wielding scouting flying vamp lord to go Keeper-of-Secrets hunting but it doesn't sound as fun. At the end of the day, fun is the most important thing

22-03-2008, 09:26
Flying vamps don't need to be scouts, IMO.

TBH if he's a caster heavy CoS, 3 Coaches would be better, but that's my opinion.

I'd split the unit of 20 (vanilla) into 2 units of 10, and have the book vampire in one at the back of the line (between the carts). The other unit of 10 gets flank guard duty with the ghouls/varghulf (your other flank should be dominated by the wraiths, POWERFUL unit). Remember that being ethereal means the wraiths can charge into woods and such to take out Shades/Harpies.

You didn't say whether your GG have GWs or not, but I wouldn't take them against elves (S4 is enough against elves, and you'll want the extra armor save against all those witch elf attacks).

The Clairvoyant
23-03-2008, 10:08
thanks for the comments. Yep, the wraiths did a great job on the flank, forcing one of the two units of shades to elect to deploy in his deployment zone (the other deployed in woods on the other side of the battlefield).

The helm magicky vampire had a great day passing her WS on to various units every turn. It was doubly important as most of the army i was facing had soporific musk which halves your WS and I, so getting my troops to hit on 4s rather than the usual 5s was a bonus.

But best of all was when he cast "your character beats up his own regiment" (a spell i've always hated!) on my general. Because of the blood drinker sword, it has no effect!! :D

As for the comment about flying vamps not needing to scout, it depends on the situation. In this game, i knew i'd be facing a Keeper of Secrets (with an 18" march move) so scouting would put him in close proximity to be able to catch the daemon early. Using a frost blade on foot means you have no protection so dawdling around in the middle of the battlefield when there are RBTs around is not a good idea.
Though now you've made me think about it, next time, i could take a unit of ghouls with ghoulkin to move them forward early, then jump out!

Plastic Adi
23-03-2008, 14:26
i only count 3 core choices, you need a minimum of 5 i believe. remember wolves dont count towards that.

23-03-2008, 14:47
There's 5 core. 3 units of skellies, one zombie mob, and the ghouls. 2 of them are jsut rolled in with the vamps leading them.

Interesting list. I'm curious to see how it works out.

Plastic Adi
23-03-2008, 15:17
ok, i see them now.

The Clairvoyant
23-03-2008, 17:23
It ended in a draw (a losing draw for me) with 520pts difference.

My opponent had two units of devoted, one of which was lead by the Anointed and the BSB with hydra banner. So even the RnF had 4 attacks each!
The daemonette unit charged the zombie pit along with the Keeper of Secrets. I then charged in the wraiths and ethereal vamp into the daemonettes who swung the combat in my favour, but once the daemonettes were dead, the Greater Daemon wasn't in combat with the wraiths so i managed to get them away before it used zombie kills to dissipate my wraiths.

The Black Coach was awesome. Despite having 12 dice rolled on it in my first turn, it gained nothing, but by turn 4 it was fully upgraded. The downside was it took all my pool dice and all the dice of my general :D
It then got rear-charged by mounted daemonettes who fortunately had trouble hurting it (apart from those nasty steeds poisoned attack). An Aspiring Chaos Champion left his Chaos Knights to join in on the rear (wouldn't have been enough room for him to get in BtB contact if all the knights charged until the following turn). Took a couple more wounds but then in my turn , i used my magicky vamp to restore it.

Oh and can i just say that the skull staff is a fantastic item! Though my opponent got quite bored of me casting invocation 6 times on the same unit of skellies. With +2 to cast, he was forced to let the spells go through rather than use 2-3 dispel dice to negate what i was achieving with a one-die cast. Rolling a 6 on one dice and having it bumped to 8 can be quite un-nerving.

And multiple bale-fire is definitely something i'll use again. Vs Dark Elves it only counts as -1 due to their +1 to cast but still worth it. Especially when you have the skull staff on hand. I only used one scroll all game. Admittedly the necro carrying them got killed in turn 4 before he had a chance to use his second one, but usually i'd have burned 4 by that point.