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22-03-2008, 00:31
From memory as best I can here is the list.

Lord(145) Rune Hammer with Master Rune of Swiftness(25)Rune of Fury(25)Rune of Cleaving(20) gromril armor and shield with a Rune of Stone(5)=220pts

Thane(65) Rune Weapons with Rune of Cleaving(20) gromril armor with Master Rune of Gromril(25) BSB(25)=135pts

Runesmith(70) great weapon(4) gromril armor with Rune of Stone(5) talisman with 2 Runes of Spellbreaking(50)=131pts

19 Warriors with hand weapon, heavy armor, shields and Full Command=196pts [Lord joins this unit]

19 Warriors with hand weapon, great weapon, heavy armor, shields and Full Command=215pts [Thane joins this unit]

19 Longbeards with hand weapon, heavy armory, shields and Full Command=258pts [Runesmith joins this unit]

10 Thunderers with shields=150pts

10 Thunderers with shields=150pts

20 Ironbreakers with hand weapon, gromril armor, shields and Full Command, Runic Banner with Rune of Battle(25)=315pts

Cannon with 3 crew(hand weapons, light armor) and a Rune of Forging(35)=125pts

Stone Thrower with 3 crew(hand weapons, light armor)and a Rune of Accuracy(25)=105pts

Be as harsh as you wish, my first try at this and would love to hear some input.

22-03-2008, 02:35
Thats a really good list. 4 solid infantry units, 2 artillery and 2 thunderer units covers almost everything, as u can artillery and monster, shoot any elf, and tank anything else with your infantry.

Dead Man Walking
22-03-2008, 13:00
Put your lord on shieldbearers and give all your dwarf characters great weapons, its cheaper and just as effective. Dwarf characters are more for soaking up attacks than kill power.

I personally like hammerers over ironbreakers, Ironbreakers cant hold too well against upper end attackers like combat characters (old strigoi) or ultra elite (Blood knights, dragon ogres, ect.) but hammerers with immune to fear and terror banner will hold against all that.