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22-03-2008, 04:24
Good day and Hello

I am curently a 40k player but i am looking for a new army, one that will be the warhammer universe
if any one can give insight as to what army i might want to start than please post your ideas

thanks for the advice in advance

22-03-2008, 06:25

this really depends on what you want.
Ogres are cheapest and easiest to paint (Large plastic models), but they are complicated to play effectively.
Tomb Kings, Lizardmen and Skaven are good... strong armies with rich fluff and decent strengths.
Bretonians and Wood Elves are both competitive and tactically challenging without cheese. very strong and on top tables in most tourneys.
Empire and Dwarves are the current cheese mongers. both armies can be run cheese-free, but it's hard to avoid the temptation.
High Elves are the way to go if you love dragons and magic, though they can run into some cheese issues with Teclis.

Vampires are a wild card. Newest book and a bit tough to judge yet.

Dark Elves aren't a good starter army. there are a lot of changes you will have to adjust to making the switch from WH40K to WHFB, and the Dark Elves require very advanced tactics and full understanding and control of the movement phase to be competitive. Beautiful models, though.
I would avoid Chaos unless you plan to wait for the next army book.
Orcs and goblins have the widest variety of choices contained in a single book. Great models, can be competitive, but you may be overwhelmed with choices for a new player.

Dead Man Walking
22-03-2008, 22:42
Almost any army can be made into a winner, it depends on the general. You should go into a store that sells GW and look at the models and browse the army books if thats allowed to give yourself some insight as to how the armies are presented. This way you can sink your teeth into an army that your actually interested in playing, modeling and painting.

Once you have chosen your army you can go online to look up forums to see what units/tactics work best on the table. Take some time to plan out your purchases, you dont want to buy something your never going to use.

And once you start playing expect to take your lumps as fantasy has more twists and turns than 40k. You can loose a game just because you put things on the table in the wrong place. You dont just roll armor saves in your opponents turn, theres dispelling, declaring charge reactions, over running, challenging, ect. You can't recover from a bad move so easily. So expect to loose a few games as you cut your teeth, patience is a fantasy generals greatest weapon.

Dead Man Walking
23-03-2008, 00:45
Heck just go to the GW website and look at all the models in each army and the fluff all in one place, that should give you a good ideal as to what to play.

23-03-2008, 00:50
It would help if you told us what type of army you want to play. Keep in mind that tactics which apply in 40K don't much apply in WFB. Stats are the same, but there's no run-&-gun units, no fleeting, and flying units lose all of the benefits of ranked units (a totally foreign concept to 40k).