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22-03-2008, 10:34
1st Royal Strigos Army 2000pts

After much consideration I decided to try make a Strigoi army 2000pts with a black Knight unit in it and here is the result. For me the strigos army is based mainly on ghouls with as many beasts and combat orientated vampires as possible along with bats and a full rush ahead and pound them untill they are dead thinking. I stayed as much in theme as possible and didnt allow them to have any barding and removed the barding from the character as well. This gives them a bit better move on the expense on a save but its more in theme as well as I gave them the royal standard of Strigos . Ill equipped wights with hate in their eyes longing for the enemies blood is my view on them.

This is a hard hitting rush army that is all over the enemy in turn 1-3 !!
Its a bit weak in models but make that up by a very hard punch and healing ability.
Concentrated attacks that cause fear with outnumber and mobility is the key to victory for this deadly Vampire army.
Have fun and remember let them hate us as long they fear us!

The idea is to first use the 8 inch free marsch move for the 3 ghoul units including the characters from the ghoulkin vampire power, then if gaining the priority for going first in turn 1 move forward 8inch with the ghoul units and 16 inch with the Black Knight and varghulf units and 20inch from the fell bats linking the army in full up about roughly around 8inches from the enemy army.
Use summon Ghouls to reinforce the ghoul units as much as possible
and if have use a dance or two inc the Book of Arkhan to get into combat
where suitable if allowed. Following turn attack all along the front line as hard as possible.
Try to mob up on the enemy as much as possible to make them bleed hard, while use fell bats to attack machines or disrupt movement or land behind enemy line while try raising zombies and dance spells to get in rear attacks and disrupt movement.Heal damaged unit up where neccessary if possible.

If losing the priority for going first link up the army as much as possible and advance as much forward as you can while using heal on damaged units as much as allowed and try charge ev enemies behind line, try get a raise zombie up to screen and use dance to get slaggers behind forward in line to try link the army up. Next turn as fast as possible attack all over the front line of the enemy where possible. Use heal on damaged units while try get a raise off as well as much dance as possible.Try to mob up on the enemy as much as possible to make them bleed hard.

A tactical overview of units should be something like this:
FB BK+vamp VH G+vamp G+Lord G+Vamp VH FB

1 Vampire Lord (Ac4+, W5+) (With biggest Ghoul Unit)
(lv3 Necromancer)
+1 Magic Level
Summon Ghouls
Infinite Hatred
Red Fury
Walach´s Bloody Hauberk
Sword of Might
Staff of Sorcery

1 Vampire (AC2+) (With Ghoul Unit)
(lv 2 Necromancer)
Dark Acolyte
Summon Ghouls
Flayed Hauberk
Sword of Battle

1 Vampire (AC3+) (With Ghoul Unit)
(lv 1 Necromancer)
Walking Death
Enchanted Shield
Biting Blade

1 Vampire (AC3+) (Move 8) (With Black Knight)
(lv 1 Necromancer)
Dread Knight
Book of Arkhan

19 Crypt Ghoul
Crypt Ghast

14 Crypt Ghoul
14 Crypt Ghoul

5 Black Knights (AC3+) (Move 8)
Royal standard of Strigos

3 Fell Bats

3 Fell Bats



Power Dice: 9 Dispel Dice: 7 (+1)
Models:64 Wounds:81
Characters: 975 Units: 1025 Total: 2000

Any suggestions or ideas or fault let me please know along with all comments much appreciated

22-03-2008, 14:24
looks good, but i think that you could be in serious trouble against othere fast armys if you dont get first turn.

Remeber that if you join your mounted vampire with the black knigths then they cant use thiere etheral movment.

Othere than that i would try and shave of some points here and there like dropping your big unite of ghouls down to 14 and include a corpse cart. The ASF is extremly good with ghouls if they get charged.

23-03-2008, 01:46
Thanks for your input Eisenhorn :)
I really appreciate the comment and the more the better.
After all thats what one want to finetune its army.

Yes I know that ill lose the etheral movement if I join the BK with a vampire
but thanks for poiting it out its those small things that are easily overlooked. Most of the time that wont be a issue tho and when it is you can always leave the BK unit with the vampire for a nasty surprise for your opponent.
The main reason tho is to give the vamp some good protection along with that str7 charge.
The new VC armoury seems to have been robbed by a very good thief since about all is taken away for the poor vamps.
One maybe should be lucky they didnt have to fight in the daysleep pyjamas :rolleyes:
As for getting the Corpse cart in I agree they are good but with a already small army I think its better with more flesh in the ghouls.
And since it has slow move it will easily left behind the rest of the army.
Thats why i havent picked one.
In a Skeleton, Zombie, Ghoul I would always take a cart along for the ride so I fully agree with you in that it is good.

Why do you think I would be in trouble against other fast army if they did go first? All my support units in the army the BK and Varghulf along with the FB can easily in turn 1 support my Ghouls that are 8inches in and they have the move to take the battle to the enemy really fast.
I have played this army for 4 battles now but without the BK and more ghouls and so far that never has been a issue and now with the BK I think it will even be less so. But maybe you see something I have missed so I would gladly hear your opinion in what you think would be the problem in this matter.

Gratefull for all comments and insights for this army ;)

23-03-2008, 18:15
I would love to get the
battlestandard post filled 25pts
having the spectre 25pts
having ghasts in all 3 ghoul units 16pts
and having 19 ghouls in all 3 ghoul units 80pts

Sigh but I just cant find the points
Any bright ideas :)

23-03-2008, 18:33
im very interested to see how this army preforms! im curious to see how you deal with volumed shooting from WE or empire. also what the plan for a khone knight list that going to be runnig straight for you also.

24-03-2008, 23:13
So far I have made 5 games with this concept and all have worked out very well. I have made minor changes but the principle is the same.
Rush as fast as possible over to the enemy and tear him to pieces.
I have meet
High elf twice
empire twice 1 combat 1 shoting
dark elf

Empire gun line was not a problem at all since I was upon him at turn 2 no the hardest so far is Empire combat and was after that I included the Knights since I sensed I needed 1 more unit with some punch in.
I am of to tournament the 5 april where I will test it further.
If you test it as well I gladly hear about your opionions since all small details can be vital to finetune it.