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22-03-2008, 12:13
What I'm requesting here is your beloved help to create a good 2000pts O&G army.
I will not post my current list because it is so bad that you will "flame" me to death Very Happy
Next a list of the miniatures i have. If you thing i should acquire some more models please tell me.

1 Warboss on Wyvern
1 Grimgor Ironhide
1 Orc Shaman(foot)
1 Savage Orc Shaman
1 Orc Big Boss(Boar)
1 Night Goblin Boss(Squig)
4 Night Goblin Shamans
2 Orc Boys Regiments
1 Savage Orc Boys Regiment
1 Goblin Regiment
2 Goblin Wolf Riders Regiment
1 Forest Goblins Spider Riders Regiment
2 Night Goblins Regiments
1 Black Orc Regiment
1 Savage Orc Regiment
2 Orc Boar Chariot(one is broken Laughing )
1 Goblin Spear Chukka
2 Hoppers(2 figures)
2 Squig Herd
2 River Trolls
1 Doom Diver
1 Giant

Please help me making a good army
Thanks boys and girls

22-03-2008, 12:45
If you plan on using-
-spearchukkas, buy a second one (2 for 1 special, not taking that would be a waste).
-squig hoppers, try to get the unit to 7 (max number of squigs you can get in melee against a frontal 5 wide unit - you don't want that to happen, but if it does, you want to have the most damage dished at the enemy; also allows some casualties while keeping the unit functional)
-river trolls: that's not an advice, that's just me talking about myself; ever tried 5 river trolls (all of them fight in melee against a 5 wide unit on 25mm slots :p)? That units is unkillable and ubber powerful, you ought to try it :D
-wolf riders, at 2000 points I'd try to get 4 units (well, 3, you got spiders). 4 units of 5, that is.

The rest, it depends on your tastes, I just pointed out stuff to increase the efficiency of what you already have, would be silly to tell you to take more gob or boyz units or whatever, that is really up to you and depends on how you play.

22-03-2008, 15:26
Thanks Urgat just one question: i should use the trolls or not? i did'nt understand very well that part :D

22-03-2008, 16:21
Go with the orc and gobbo shamans. The orc magic is a beast and can dominate any weak unit.

22-03-2008, 16:37
Thanks Urgat just one question: i should use the trolls or not? i did'nt understand very well that part :D

Up to you :p some people don't like them, and those who do can play them in very different ways, like a couple used for flanking, or a lone one, etc. I play mine as... well, let's say they're an anvil that kicks back like a hammer :p
River trolls can take an incredible amount of damage and shrug it off quite easily, and then the retaliation is... hurtful. That unit is unwieldy because of its size (they're also expensive as hell, don't take risks with them), but it's rather fast so it compensates. I have my gob general nearby to prevent stupidity tests (about the same ratio as animosity tests like that, really), and I just send it toward the nearest nasty unit, preferably a fat heavy cavalry unit. I don't really care if they get charged, the -1 to hit, the 3 wounds at T4 and the regeneration means that at worst you'll lose one most of the time, and then you vomit on these knights who can kiss their crazy saves goodbye. For many people, trolls are not worth it because of the stupidity. For the ones who face me, they rightfully fear them. Rules aside, the psychology factor of such a monstruous unit is enormous: people will go to great lenght to destroy it, which is nowhere near as easy as, say, killing a giant. Avoiding it isn't easy either, since they're fast enough. Against normal troups, my mammoth unit dishes out 12 or 15 S5 attacks (depending if they're charging 20 or 25mm bases) and can break nearly anything in one turn. And they cause fear, which is a precious thing in an O&G army.
I don't really get the low popularity of trolls, really, but that's a good thing for me, it's a major surprise factor in pickup games :p

22-03-2008, 16:46
Urgat if it isn't requesting a lot can you post your 2000pts army? :D
Please :rolleyes:

22-03-2008, 17:24
Don't have one, haven't played more than 1500 points for a long time. Be aware that I play gobs only 90% of the time.

Anyway, it usually involves a unit of common gobs (with hand weapons, 4+save in a gob army is a good thing; I'd take a couple units, but I only have one for now), three or four small units of light cav (wolves or spiders, whatever, but I have a preference for the wolves; I gove them bows, I've had incredible luck with these fellows, killing anything from ogre units to full gear chaos lord - with their puny bows :p), three or four night gob units (usually with no fanatics in the spearmen units, but nets - and one or two fanatics in my bow gob units, but no nets), two units of 7 hoppers, the general is a lone goblin on wolf with, usually, no magic stuff, and the rest are lvl1 shamans for dispell purposes, one of them with the staff of stealing, if it's 2000 points, I'll take a great shaman for fun (usually, he blows up on turn one though). For the remaining special and rare slots, depends, usually, I'll have the trolls or a pair of pump wagons, more rarely I'll take a giant or a doomdiver, for specials it can be wolf charriots, spear chukkas, squig herds or rock lobbers depending on my mood, really.

My usual tactic is to slow the enemy troops with the light cavalry, bog down them with numbers, and crush them with static res or/and the few hitty stuff I have (squigs, trolls, charriots). My list looks like I'm going magic heavy, but, in fact, I rarely cast spells, in fact, the shamans are really here for dispell purposes only, since magic is really lethal to all gob armies, especially the things that act on stats or stuff (slaanesh lore and so on).

By no way will I claim this is a great list or whatever, it just seems to work ok for me.

22-03-2008, 20:16
Well Urgat i suppose i must say THANKS :D very helpful advices and so on. Now i must wait for the upcoming tournament that i believe will be next month:eek:

22-03-2008, 21:04
Does the -1 to hit from the River Troll's ability stack?

22-03-2008, 21:19
Well Urgat i suppose i must say THANKS :D very helpful advices and so on. Now i must wait for the upcoming tournament that i believe will be next month:eek:

No prob, and good luck :)

Shamfrit: lol, no :p

22-03-2008, 21:54
No prob, and good luck :)

Shamfrit: lol, no :p

Even if the ability activated from two sources, such as a River Troll into either flank? Doesn't seem fair for it to not, unless I'm reading the book wrong, which I invariably seem to be :confused:

(Sorry to jack the thread, but didn't want to post a tirade about Trolls without getting my facts straight.)

22-03-2008, 23:05
Well, nah, even if you have a river troll on either flank, that means there's two units, each has its own modifier, and you attack either, so it can't stack. The ability should be called "-1 to be hit" rather than "-1 to hit", would be more clear I suppose.
Now,would it stack with some spell from an allied player or something, I suppose it would, but no, you don't get -5 to hit if you field a unit of 5 (would be cool, but that's about what happens if the guy in front fails his fear check anyway :p).

23-03-2008, 06:11
My approximate 2000 point regular list, plus or minus a few doodads...

Black Orc Warboss w/ Sword of might, Best Boss 'At, Boar, heavy armour
Black Orc Bigboss w/ Battle Standard, Mork's Spirit Totem, heavy armour, boar
Orc Bigboss w/ chariot, spear, light armour
Goblin Shaman w/ chariot, 2 dispel scrolls

25 orcs w/ standard, musician, shields
25 orcs w/ standard, musician, shields
20 night goblins w/ musician, 2 fanatics
5 spider riders w/ musician
5 wolf riders w/ musician, spears
5 wolf riders w/ musician, spears

2 Boar Chariots
2 Spear Chukkas
10 Savage Boar Boyz w/ spears, shields, standard

1 Troll
Doom Diver

23-03-2008, 11:44
Thanks sephiroth87 i think i'll use it with some modifications as i don't have the boar boys :P the second chukka i'll try to buy it before the tournament i may trade the boys for a unity of goblins or another of night goblins or even add a night gobbos one and and another troll...

Like someone said: "only time will tell" :D

23-03-2008, 16:51
I agree with Urgat on the Trolls. I guess we're part of the small minority that actually likes em. Just make sure they're River Trolls!

23-03-2008, 19:09
Well then Bortus i guess I'm part of that minority because i've used them once i liked a lot the experience