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22-03-2008, 16:25
So there's this upcoming tourney that i decided to take Ogres too, I'm pretty certain there will be some nasty magic armies there (explains the amount of magic res items I've taken lol)..armies such as Teclis HE's and Thanqual/engineer spam skaven lol.

Tyrant (298) Heavy Armour, Thundermace, Wyrdstone Necklace, Fistful of Laurels
Bruisers (177) Heavy Armour, EHW, Greatskull
Butcher (185) Tooth Knoblar, Hellheart
Butcher (185) Tooth Knoblar, Dispell Scroll, Bangstick

4 Bulls (150) Bellower
4 Ironguts (247) Bellower, Standard, Rune Maw, Look out Knoblar
3 Ironguts (154) Bellower
3 Ironguts (154) Bellower
20 Knoblars (40)

4 Yhetees (260)

Gorger (75)
Gorger (75)


Vs the magic heavy armies I'll have 2 of my characters (tyrant and a butcher probably) in the 4 Ironguts w/ standard, and have them next to the 20 Knoblars to make use of the Rune Maw. The Bruiser also has the nasty miscast item. And finally the Hellheart for probably the 2nd turn magic phases V HE's and Skaven alike, when the magic is at closer range and matters most.

What you all think??


22-03-2008, 20:03
Looks pretty good. Id say you should have 25 knoblars, but 20 isn't so bad.

What will you do about high elves? shure ogers have a lot of wounds, but with no leadies, you will ahve nothing to stop swordsmasters. They will chew up your ogers, especialy if they get deployed 8 wide..

22-03-2008, 20:51
Swordmasters are not really a problem at all lol, I'm also not an idiot and im not gonna throw 1 unit of 3 at them :P If i was to charge them it would be either the big tough unit with tyrant in, or 2 units, yehtees in the flank or something like that, and with even 8 guys wide only about 4-5 wounds will be caused, that's just 1 dead ogre, I've still got guys left in the units to attack back and easily calve through their paper mache armour lol.

The only real worry was the magic situation, and I think I've hopefully covered it :D

Gorgers go warmachine hunting when they arrive unless magic shuts them down before hand (S2 hits are nothing to laugh at! :P) and then my main units with combat characters in just smack into the ranked up guys....that's the plan anyway :X

22-03-2008, 20:52
Oh, also i have just 20 knoblars so that i can re-bound whatever spells get cast at the Irongut/character bunker, I don't expect much else from them :P

22-03-2008, 22:24
looks like a solid army, i prefer the tenderizer on the tyrant over the thundermace, only thing im worried about is that you dont have alot of units, maybe drop the bruiser for 3 ironguts

23-03-2008, 15:42
okay... this is not going to be an optimal tourney list without some changes. The first of which is the Thun... sorry, the Thunder... ummm... the Thun... alright, forget it. Please excuse me while I use the weapon's nickname, since I can't make myself type out it's full name. Drop the "point-wasting liability masquerading as a weapon" from your tyrant. There are 2 Tyrant kits... Tenderizer, Mawseeker & Jade Lion (290 points) or Tenderizer, Wyrdstone Necklace, luck gnoblar and sometimes Longstrider (275 or 300 points). If you would like, I can explain why a tenderizer tyrant is a hundred times better than the thunde... ummm, that other weapon... in every imaginable situation. If you can think of any situation where it would even be close to equal...

Why is there a bruiser in your army? You already have a general, which means the Bruiser isn't required to lead the army. He's more expensive than 3 ironguts, more fragile than 3 ironguts, more vulnerable than 3 ironguts, less effective than 3 ironguts... he's not even a BSB, which would make me understand taking him, if not agree with taking him. My advice is to pick up a third butcher... Skullmantle/Seigebreaker to make him reasonably combat-worthy.

Butchers: 2 scrolls and all you dd with shut down a magic phase better than Hellheart, since hellheart doesn't effect lizardmen, tomb kings or Teclis, and if it does work against the army you are facing, and there is a miscast, there is a one in 6 chance he will wound all your butchers (#1), one in 6 chance of having no effect at all (#4) and one in 6chance of making the wizard frenzied (#6), which may or may not be a drawback.

What are you going to do with Tooth Gnoblar? A tooth Gnoblar will never be the difference between a cast spell and a failed spell on the first time it is cast, since a natural 1 or 2 is always a failure and a 3 succeeds. Additional castings of the same spell means you have run out of spells to cast, and since all butchers know all spells, that's unlikely. I take tooth gnoblar only when I have a slaughtermaster and 3 butchers, so either Skragg armies or 3k+.

Why are there 4 bulls? 3 is cheaper and doesn't change them or their role in the army at all. Bulls are bait, don't spend more on them than you have to.

Bellowers on Ironguts is another waste of points. Ironguts should be winning combat or marching and maneuvering to get in combat... not needing to rally. If the ironguts are fleeing, you need better tactics and support, not bellowers.

4 yhetees? why 4 when 3 are just as good, and you lose less when one dies, they all panic and run off the board on turn one.

23-03-2008, 17:11
Hellheart Vs Teclis is amazing, i think you're very wrong there, with his special rule of getting irresistible forces on doubles. It will effectively shut down 1 turns worth of his magic phase, giving me time to 1) get closer or 2) charge that unit and kill the damn weakling.

I took 4 bulls as i had exactly 35 pts left to spare lol, didn't have anything better to spend it on.

You're right on the Bruiser being a waste, however i was limited with models that i owned, and i needed a 4th character for the greatskull (again, lots of magic armies going so need that defence).

23-03-2008, 17:43
i do like the idea of the 3rd butcher instead with the siegebreaker and the -1ld item (great for causing panic checks with that one spell)

23-03-2008, 17:55
I do like the idea of the 3rd butcher, will help a lot (especiall with the ability to cast 3 panic spells a turn :D) I'll try and muster the cash for a 3rd then.

Cheerz guys.

Garg Foecrusher
23-03-2008, 18:03
The bulls could have additional hand weapon, and be 3 instead of 4. Try to fit in a unit of trappers, they can do wonders;)

Something I take often is the Scraplauncher, I think it is amazing most of the time

It's shooting is great against infantry, and it can pack a mighty punch in close combat too too, 1d6s5 impact hits on the charge, 3 or 4 s5 attacks from the rhinox, and 6 s2 attacks from the gnoblars

23-03-2008, 18:16
trapper are nice unit, pretty good at march blocking and maybe killing warmachines :) somewhat cheap too!

23-03-2008, 21:26
okay, my own philosophy (backed up by my soon-to-be wife, who doesn't mind me playing with my fat guy dolls as long as they aren't too expensive) is to never buy a metal ogre. my butcher with seigebreaker/skullmantle is an irongut with an apron instead of a gut plate and the crusher head with the skulls tied into the hair. It's really easy with a small bit of green stuff, and you have a unit of ironguts with the other 3 from the box of 4.

the problem with hellheart vs teclis is that you can't change your army list the next turn when you face tomb kings or lizardmen or another Ogre (although that is fun, when 6 butchers are on the field and someone miscasts). 2 scrolls instead of hellheart will be more useful against other players.

Honestly, if you are really worried about HE, swap the 4 yhetees for 2 units of 2 leadbelchers with bellowers and spend the extra 20 points on more gnobbos or a single banner.

23-03-2008, 22:08
When you swap out the thundermace for a tenderiser (seriously, do it and you'll be glad you did) get a luck gnoblar on your tyrant. You need it for when you get hit by a cannon.

Trappers are cool...

Garg Foecrusher
23-03-2008, 22:26
The Tenderiser is close to mandatory :p

24-03-2008, 00:21
I think helheart is pretty useful vs any army minus tks, any doubles causing the spell to fail? Pretty awesome, even good vs slann lizzy armies, sure they dont roll on the table but their spell still fails.