View Full Version : 2000 Empire. Cheese or no good at all?

Baron of Heldaine
22-03-2008, 16:36
Haven't played Empire since 6th Edition. Just trying to put a list together with the models I managed to salvage :angel:


Empire Lord (Swordsmen) ; Armor of Meteoric Iron, Great Weapon

Captain (Knights) ; BSB, Shroud of Magnus, Barded Horse

Battle Wizard (Crossbowmen) ; level 2, two dispel scrolls


24 Swordsmen ; full command
- detachment of 10 Halberdiers

9 Knightly Orders ; full command, war banner

10 Crossbowmen


20 Greatswords ; full command, Standard of Arcane Warding
- detachment of 10 Archers
- detachment of 10 Free Company

Great Cannon

6 Pistoliers ; Musician

6 Pistoliers ; Musician


Steam Tank

I guess my main question is this: can empire armies be effective with lots of cav and just a couple large blocks of infantry with some support shooting? I figured the Steam tank, pistoliers and knights could work in concert with eachother, using the BSB as their LD safety. The infantry blocks with the general will bring up the rear.

Like I said above, I am trying to put a list together with the models I can find from my 6th Edition army. I have a ton of cav to throw around, but not much infantry. I guess I might have to buy some!

Thanks for lookin.

23-03-2008, 02:18
Looks like a balanced and ok army to me.
I would however make those knights to Inner Circle that +1str is worth it all the way down those lances :cool:
Also I think that 300pts for the steam tank is not worth it.
Its hard to get those points back.
I rather take 2 normal warmachines and some fast cav along on the ride.

Dux Ducis
23-03-2008, 02:27
Seems fine. I agree with making the knights Inner Circle.

Drop the stank and throw those points into more core units. Your amy could do with another block of swordsmen with handgunners or crossbowmen detatchments.

Baron of Heldaine
23-03-2008, 04:07
Thanks for the comments; how about this revised list:


Arch Lector; War Altar, Sigil of Sigmar, Armor of Meteoric Iron, two hand weapons

Battle Wizard; level 1, 2 dispel scrolls

Battle Wizard; level 2


24 Swordsmen; full command
-5 crossbowmen
-5 crossbowmen

24 Swordsmen; full command
-10 halberdiers

-6 Knightly Orders; Musician


20 Greatswords; full command
-10 Archers
-10 Free Company

Great Cannon

10 Inner Circle Knights; full command, Standard of Arcane Warding

6 Pistoliers; musician

Thanks again for the help!

23-03-2008, 05:08
you have the room for 1 hero more so I suggest you use it.
Empire need that extra attacks and stern leadership from them ;)
Take away a ICKnight and equip your hero to join them.
Give him Icon of magnus to make them immune to fear
Also I would rather have warbanner +1CR on your ICK since they
need all the edge they can get in getting those vital CR bonuses.
Also I would think its better with 10 melee fighters in the detachment units and use 2 units on all Main inf block becuase if opponent dont have troops to attack them as well as your main block they can countercharge and will negate opponents rkbonus if they still are unit str5 after combat.
Very handy if you ask me.
I would get the point by skipping the 6 reg knights and get a unit of handgunners as well to fill the core minimum.
They are great against flyers and fast cav and can also dent the hardest knights