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Dux Ducis
23-03-2008, 00:23
Vampire Lord - 540pts
Vampire Powers: Infinite Hatred, Walking Death, Red Fury,
Magic Items: Dreadlance, The Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of Protection
Mounted on an Abyssal Terror

Vampire - 190pts
Vampire Powers: Dark Acolyte, Lord of the Dead
Magic Items: Biting Blade, Staff of Damnation

Necromancer - 105pts
IoN, Extra Spell (Vanhel's Danse Macabre)
Magic Items: The Book of Arkhan


20 Skeleton Warriors - 207pts
Spears, Musician, Standard, Standard of Everlasting Death

20 Skeleton Warriors - 202pts
Spears, Musician, Standard, Banner of Hellfire

12 Crypt Ghouls - 96pts

5 Dire Wolves - 40pts

Corpse Cart - 100pts
Unholy Loadstone


19 Grave Guard - 281pts
Musician, Standard, Royal Standard of Strigos

8 Black Knights - 241pts
Musician, Standard, Banner of the Dead Legion


Total: 2,002pts

Thoughts? I wanted an elite, wight-themed army that has fast, hard-hitting elements combined with a formidable battle-line/anvil. I could always drop the dire wolves and a couple of crypt ghouls to give my vampire lord an extra magic level, if I wanted to dominate the magic phase. However, that could be lumping too many points into one model...

Dux Ducis
23-03-2008, 02:20
One more thing, it's just a rough list - I really don't care about being 2pts over.

I only have 20 skeleton warriors put together, this is more to help me find a direction for the force.

23-03-2008, 02:29
If you are putting your Lord with the BK you might want to conser getting 1 more so you have a full RK 5x2.
Also something you problary alrd know is that you lose the etheral movement if you have a character with the wrong steed in the BK unit.
Looks solid in itself but you seem to lack somewhat in the magic with only 7Power and you have a lot of point into just 1 character.
I think I would rather get a much less expensive steed and 1 more magic lv
and point left for what you would like.
My personal favorites is the fell bats with their 2A 2W and flying unit they are very good at taking out warmachines and disrupt enemy moves.

Dux Ducis
23-03-2008, 03:11
The Vampire Lord is mounted on a monster, so he's not going to join the BK unit, no. And most VC armies will have a lot of points into their lord, I can guarantee that. VC need strong characters to help their mediocre rank-and-file.

I have 8 power dice, which I think is ok for 2K VC - remember, necromancy spells can be cast multiple times in combat. This army also has three bound spells as well (Corpse Cart ASF, book of Arkhan, Staff of Damnation).

Fell bats are a definite addon for a 2250K list.

23-03-2008, 03:17
just a quick question your lord has the dread lance and infinite hatred, i believe with dread lance he hits automatically so hatred really doesn't help you so i would switch that off for maybe supernatural horror which is a nice surprise or going a different route and giving him dreadknight instead of infinite hatred and taking out the flayed hauberk and replacing with the crown of the damned or the gem of blood that way you still have the 2+ save with dreadknight hitting automatically at S7 and you get a 4+ ward or the gem of blood

going this route frees up the 135pts from the abyssal terror allowing you to add the extra magic level or spending the points elsewhere


Dux Ducis
23-03-2008, 03:57
I dunno -

The Abyssal Terror causes terror (go figure) and can fly. These two things combined with the dread lance make this lord very hard-hitting.

The hatred is there for after the first round of combat and he gets stuck against a tough foe. I could always swap it for Beguile though....

And I don't want my vampire subject to stupidity, not such a crucial character and mount.

23-03-2008, 04:21
I must say I am not to keen of the The Abyssal Terror myself since it has just 3 attacks with ws4 as well being large target and have no protection. The terror and your vampire might get into problem very easy against a shooty or magic heavy opponent since it also has no ac or ward save and your vampire only a 2+ac and 6+Ward. If you would instead buy a hellstead you wouls save 105pts
The hellstead cant be shoot down and your vampire would soak the damage instead so I think I rather would get
Dread Knight instead on infinite hatred gaining a 3+ac with the hellstead and buy Wristbands of black gold gaining a 3+ ward save against all ranged attack along with the Dreadlance.
With your 4A 7str you should at least get +3A also at 7str and have a average of 6w on the opponent (or if challanged 1w+5 Overkill=6W) + the hellsteads str4 attack and walking death you would win all combats unless very unlucky.
If you want terror you can easily exchange that for the infinite hatred but then you wouldnt have a good Ac save.
This would save you 115 pts + the point for a black Knight and you can get a Wight King to really improve that unit.

Also from where do you get the 8th power dice? I am missing something here?
Your Lord is a lv2 and your vampire a lv2 and the necro a lv1 + the 2 basic gives 7 power dice unless I am missing something.
You can buy a extra level for you Lord but you havent posted that. Maybe that whats the 8 power dice is from?

23-03-2008, 04:37
hatred allows you to reroll i believe but when you are hitting automatically you dont need to reroll that i could be mistaken but otherwsie i think i am the only one that sees that???

23-03-2008, 06:30
I would echo the sentiments about the Hellsteed. The terror, while a nice modeling project, is a large target. Your lord will be Public Enemy #1 anyway; why make him easier to shoot down? Against HE or DE, their RBT are going to try eating your lunch the second he passes into range. Go for the Hellsteed; same flight and speed. You lose terror (still cause fear though), and lose some attacks (not a lot though), and the trade off is that you're not necessarily going to lose the Lord as easily.

My other problem here is that you said you wanted to make a Wight-themed force. Grave Guard? Check. Black Knights? Check. Only one unit of each, but I can live with that. Where's the Wight King, though?

Dux Ducis
23-03-2008, 06:47
Good point about the Wight King. I'm finding him tough to fit a non-wizard fighter into a 2,000pt force. He's a definite though for 2250pts.

23-03-2008, 08:28
with my suggestions you have him in the army at 2000pts np at all