View Full Version : Making a 1000 point army out of what I have

23-03-2008, 02:58
Hey there everyone. I'm going to have to tone my lists down to 1000 points for a while now, and was wondering what would make a nice, effective Skaven army at this points level. Here are the models I have thus far, and hopefully it's adequate to make a 1000 point list out of.

80 Clanrats
20 Plague Monks
2 Rat Ogre packs
1 Giant Rat pack
5 Globadiers
20 Night Runners
6 Plague Censer Bearers
Plague Priest
Warlock Engineer

So what I'm looking for is ideas from you all on how to make a great little 1000 point list using what I already have. Thanks!

23-03-2008, 03:25
i find assasin waste of points but thats just me, warlocks are fantastic and the plague priest is good at T5 i think?

nightrunners are great harassment troops but remember if they get paniced they only have leadership 5 so they could cripple your line and at 1000pts any units fleeing early is trouble

clanrats as im sure you know are great mainstay units i would go for 2 25 blocks, what u are realing lacking are slaves.... where are they? unless some of those clanrats are slaves i dunno but those are great as well

im not sure as to the globadiers are censer bearers never really seen them used jezzails are great though and warp lightning cannon is good but i heard the rat ogres arent very good but the giant rats at movement 6 are pretty good as harrasment type troops who can fight okay....

I would probably double up on the warlocks although your opponents may hate you for it in such a small game, they really do amazing, make sure to buy storm daemon