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09-10-2005, 21:15
Having some second hand Eldar liening around and nothing better atm. I thought to paint them.

The eldar codex is out next autum however, so starting an eldar army would be a waste of time and founds. Besides, I can't decide for neiter a Craftworld nor a colorsheme. But that is not the concern right now.

What I was thinking about is some conversion and odd painting, resulting in Harlequin looking Eldar.
It came to my mind that there is indeed still a semi-official Harlequin armylist haunting somewhere on the GW homepage.

Harlequin List (http://uk.games-workshop.com/eldar/harlequins/1/)

I quickly read trough it and I'd like to hear some oppinions on the list.
It is clear that it can't be used for turnaments, but that is no problem really.
Still, is it wise to start a small Harley force? How does the list preform on the field? Personal expiriences?

Puffin Magician
09-10-2005, 21:39
If all you want to convert and paint a dozen or two Harlequins, I'd suggest using the Dark Eldar Wych Cult list; many units have similar rules and wargear effects so the transition is easy. And it's a 100% legal list.

If you really want to use this Quasi-Codex however, I hope you have some pretty easy-going opponents in your area. The bitchy "by the book" types don't usually bother with unofficial rules that mix some more fun into the game.

I've looked at that list many times, and I like it. It accurately portrays the Harlequins' eliteness in combat, with insane Initiative and Weapon Skill stats for everyone in the army coupled with the Flip Belts and Holofields... just crazy. But, they pay for it... harshly. The powerful combat abilities are necessary because these Space Ninjas get pummeled by slower but tougher opponents if they don't get the first strike and kill them all.

Harlequins are like the Grey Knights of Eldar, come to think of it.

I'd go for a Shadowseer, 2 'teams' of Death Jesters, 2 Jetbike squads and 2 beefy Troupes with a third mounted on a Venom.

09-10-2005, 23:05
dont forget the millioon attack solitaire! *cringes*

i dont mind the list, but it may be a littel abusable *cringes again*

09-10-2005, 23:55
Just dont take on any DaemonHunters players. Those incinerators and psycannons will rip through those invulnerable saves with joy!

Da Reddaneks
10-10-2005, 00:21
Orks are my first army but Harlequins are my second. i play harlequins because i like the fluff and because no one else plays them. i can say from experience that it is generally speaking a crappy list. The solitare is a good combat machine. other than him the army is weak. Troops cost twice what they should. The no armor, 3 toughness, and 3 strength really limits their hand to hand ability far more than most people realize from just looking at the list. The army is very small, the units are very expensive and die just way too easily. another major problem with them is a delivery system. the venom sucks as a transport as it only carries 6 (you cant even get a whole squad in it). also, the venom is a heavy support so you are limited to 3 of them. And there are no other transport options for troops. the bikes are pretty much the same as eldar jet bikes but just look a lot cooler (i must say that the harlequin jet bikes have always been the best looking bikes in the game and still are). the only other significantly good thing they have are assault brightlances on the death jesters.

the basic trooper costs 25 points with no advantages on him what so ever. a spacemarine scout costs 13 points. The trooper will hit the scout on a 3 and wound him on a 5. the scout will hit the trooper on a 5 and wound him on a 3. However, the scout has a 50% chance of making his armor save. the trooper has a 0% chance of making any kind of save in hand to hand. Thus, in summary the scout costs half as much a the trooper and will win the battle the battle twice as often as the trooper (i.e. 67% of the time). this same type of analogy can be used for a dark eldar witch which also costs half as much.

Also, the harlequin list is weak because several of the advantages you got as a harlequin (advantages which go into the cost of the harlequin) are gone. Harlequins get to count their full attacks for all models within 2" of the models in base to base contact. Back in the days of "chip in" attacks Nid's that leaped and harlequins were the only ones that had this advantage. Now everyone has it. at the time of the creation of the list you didnt get a cover save vs ordinance and the harlequin holo field says something to the effect of "attacks which you dont get a cover save from, such as ordinance, you do not get the cover save from the holo field." (that quote is my paraphrasing). Well, now you get a cover save vs ordinance but because the harlequin article specifically says you dont get a cover save vs ordinance you get shafted. (i know it makes sense but if you can get a cover save now from the smoke of an ork warbike it seems to me like a holofield wouldnt be too far away from the suspension of disbelief either.)

Harleqins probably should not even be considered for a new codex because such a small group plays them anymore. However, PLEASE GIVE US A NEW CHAPTER APPROVED ARTICLE FOR THIS ARMY LIST.

10-10-2005, 02:11
that 2" throw in attacks ought to be extended to 4" since the harlies get dispersed formation.
but they need the dodge save that the wytches at least get in CC as well and for no price hike.
maybe just maybe with the new eldar rules in the future we might get some actual harlie rules and maybe even a proper venom.

i have just finished assembling, basing, converting and priming about 50 harlequins today and have several extras for trade. the only thing i am lacking for them are bikes and a venom or 2. and i think i have enough harlie canopies here and extra bikes to make me 3-6 jet bikes.

and i might even have an extra hood to make a wraithlord.
but i am having trouble finding pictures inspiring me to paint them up. i like the older 2nd ed stules of painting them than the current where they just quarter them or what not, i like the old stripes and diamonds. and would love to see some pictures or yours or someone elses if you have pics of some painted harlequins.

also i would go with them getting the cover save from ordnance since the 4th edition codex ruling would superscede. there are other rules that got minor treaks across the board, why not theirs.

and if anyone is anal enough to not play against a harlequin list because its not a strict codex list, tell them to **** off, you dont need to play that opponett anyways, and if you do play someone talk about certain rules like the ordnance and see what they think before the game.

10-10-2005, 15:58
Thanks for the imput.

I'll paints some minis up at frist. I can still use them as display pieces if all else fails. Still I'll try to play a game or two with the Harlequin list. Depending on experiences with it I might switch to the witch cult.

10-10-2005, 16:20


After seeing a grand total of 3 characters (yes, just 3) rip apart an all assault Tyranid army in the space of 3 turns (literally...the first turn these 3 characters managed to gut 1 hive tyrant, 1 uberfex and 1 large brood of genestealers)....

I smell something seriously wrong with them.

Use the Wych Cult list.

It's nice, official, still rather good....

And has the fun added bonus of not smelling of overpowered in most people's eyes.

10-10-2005, 19:27
and one round of shooting from a half size brood termagaunts can wipe most if not all of 1 squad of harlies out, oh forgot, thats a 3rd of the Harlequin army out in one round of shooting.

the 3 were probly a shadowseer, solitaire and a great harlequin and was probly all or just about all that was left unless early in the game.
then again that was probly the other 3rd of the harlequin army.