View Full Version : Legion of the Damned

23-03-2008, 18:55
Was looking through some of the legion of the damned models recently and was wondering if anyone knew much about hem, there seems to be a lck of stuff floating around...

Brother Alric
23-03-2008, 19:12
They are what's left of the Fire Hawks chapter. You can read more about them on Lexicanum or Wikipedia.

23-03-2008, 19:15
they're kind of the self-appointed guardian angles to space marines. they appear in dire situations for marines, help out in what way that they can, and then disappear.

23-03-2008, 22:15
WD 99 is the place to look mate,ebay's probably your best bet,if you don't have no luck pm me and i'll tell you everything thats written there

23-03-2008, 22:57
Thanks i'll check out what you've suggested.