View Full Version : Need advice on a 2000pt VC army (based on brets)- to use against WE/LZMEN

23-03-2008, 19:57
Hi guys, i have started collecting a VC army and need some advice on my list. My regular opponents are a skink based lizard army and a forest spirit based Wood elf force. There both flexible and have really hard units. Anyway heres the list,let me know.

Vampire lord
Dragon, redfury, avatar of death, dark acolyte.
Dreadlance, Enchanted shield, Wristbands of black gold.

Vampire bsb
Dark acolyte, master of the dead, rod of command

necromancer with black periapt and corpse cart

15 skellies with full command and warbanner
20 zombies with fc (necro on cart in this unit)
10 ghouls
3 fell bats
3 fell bats
5 dire wolves
5 dire wolves
4 blood knights
20 lumpin crooks fighting cooks/vargulf depending on my mood:).

2000 pts exact

basic plan was the infantry to be a flexible anvil slash tarpit, raised to a high unit strentgh and backed up by the bsb with rod of command. The wolves and bats help me control deployment, then will harass and guard flank . The blood knights willsit on the infantry flank to countercharge.
The lord and bats will fly up one flank and go character/treeman/slann hunting, possibly getting a few rear charges in too.
the lumpin crooks /vargulf will go out on a flank and harass allowing a refused flank manouverer.

Well thats about it any advice welcome:).

p.s. the army is based on bretonians with bret knights with two headed horses as black knights, men at arms crossed with skellies and zombies, and peasent archers as lumpin crooks fighters. would love to use pegasi as fell bats but i thinkl thed be too big. Again any advice welcome:).

24-03-2008, 01:06
Another idea was to use a giant instead of the archers/vargulf, any advice?

24-03-2008, 03:23
Your list will be shot to bits before you can really pump stuff into the units or make new ones. Get Another unit of Big Skellies. That way you have a good solid infantry to soak up wounds. That way you can summon units of zombies.

Your units of Wolves will be shot in the first turn, second at most. Same with Blood Knights, they will be a huge target for warmachines. Undead have and always will be an army that beats people either on the charge (via a knight style army) or through CR/Out numbering. You have neither.

Lastly, dont take lumpin. Not only is that lame to take a shooting unit, its unfluffy. Take the Vargulf, or take my advice and put those points into something that will stick around.

24-03-2008, 05:54
Consider... red fury, aura of dark majesty (-1 ld on terror tests anyone?) dread lance and wrist bands of black gold for your dragonvamp?

~ zilla