View Full Version : tomb kings bone giant character?

23-03-2008, 22:05
I saw the rules for a Tomb Kings bone giant character a while back, but now I can't find it. Anyone know what I'm talking about? The rules I thought were GW made, but are probably OOP or discontinued now.

23-03-2008, 22:10

Third page of the pdf is Sehenesmet, Vizier of Quatar. Probably the Bone Giant character that you're looking for. It also has some alternative rules for Bone Giants.

23-03-2008, 23:10
Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. Looks like the Warhammer 25th Anniversary Tomb Kings box set was made for Sehenesmet.

That box is 1480 points, add in Sehenesment for 595 for a total of 2075. Add in another 2 Scorpions or some horses or whatever and you've got a crazy 2250 army. That'd be fun.