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23-03-2008, 21:19
Another band-wagon jumper here, just cant resist the lure of the new Vampire Counts.

My idea is for an army based on a fallen Brettonian Noble, whose army is made up of a crusading force sent to Araby during the crusades. Large sections of fluff need filling in but im sure it will involve the Duke of Aquitaine or something like that, anyway what follows is a list and also a explanation of why i have chosen them and also some modelling ideas.

Vampire Counts 2500 Point Force

Baron Deacon De Frost (Vampire Count)
Extra Level, Infinite Hatred, Red Fury, Dread Knight
Sword of Might, Walachs Bloody Hauberk, Book of Arkhan 450 Points

Frost is my lord and the main protagonist in my fluff, basically he is the second son of the duke of mousillon, always second fiddle to his perfect brother. His father sends him away on a crusade to make a man of him, however when he returns he is much more than that....

Theodric (Vampire)
Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Black Periapt 165 Points

Gilles (Vampire)
Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Sceptre De Noirot 175 Points

These two are to accompany the Skelleton units and ensure that the main battle line keeps moving, they are good casters and also can cause a few casualties in combat as well, defence is their main weakness but i dont really see a way round this... any suggestions?

Balletine (Wight King)
Sword of Kings, Flayed Hauberk 125 Points


Skelleton Warriors (x20): Full Command 180 Points

Skelleton Warriors (x20): Full Command 180 Points

the skeletal remains of the Men & Arms who accompanied Frost on his expedition, lots of opportunity to use various bits of the Brettonian miniatures such as peasant stakes and things to make some really cool looking units

Crypt Ghouls (x10) 80 Points

Tbh they are only in there as i need to have 3 proper core choices, would rather have two packs of Dire Wolves instead, but i suppose they could look pretty cool as debased bowmen or something

Baggage Train (Corpse Cart) 75 Points

Baggage Train (Corpse Cart) 75 Points

Someone has to carry the bags.... or in this case bodies, i like the idea of the army being fully supported with rations etc, only the crusade is now some kind of blasphemous parody of what it was designed to be, plus the model is awesome


Wight Pilgrims (Grave Guard) (x20), Full Command, Banner of the Barrows, Great Weapons 335 Points

Undead Battle Pilgrims... simple as, great modelling opportunity

Black Knights (x5): Full Command 180 Points

Fell Bats (x5) 100 Points

Fell bats will be modelled as ethereal Pegasus Knights, which should look pretty cool


Blood Knights (x6): Full Command 380 Points

Ok, so thats the list. Now i know its probably not that effective but i really just wanted some feedback as to what people think of the theme, i really wanted to squeeze in some Dire Wolves to represent the Barons hunting hounds but just couldnt find the points.

Thanks for any responses


26-03-2008, 18:53
Hmmm, Bumpity Bump.... or something like that.

Thought my post was a bit more interesting that the simple VC army lists with no explanations that litter the first page, hopefully peeps just missed it and will have their say.

from a painting perspective the army will look like the stereotypical crusading army (red crosses on a white background), though they will of course be battered and dirty.... and well, dead.

Thinking about dropping one of the corpse carts to add some dire wolves in, i have yet to purchase any models so pretty much everything is optional as we speak.


26-03-2008, 19:05
I like the Bret/VC hybrid idea. You could give your Vamp heroes magic armor, drop the AoD and take LotD in its place so they can reinforce the skelly units. I am not sold on the Blood Knights, so if its my army I would take another unit of Black Knights and a Vargulf. Battle pilgrim/grave guard is a great idea I would love to see.

26-03-2008, 20:35
i like the idea of the second unit of black knights, and possibly the varghulf. However i would need to think of something suitably appropriate for the varghulf. One thought i had was having the cavalry units in groups of 9 so that i could mimic the brettonian lance formation... obviously it would have none of the advantages and all of the disadvantages but it would look cool.

Just thinking as i type, i could model the varghulf as some kind of zombie dragon that my lord might have slain on his travels, now he uses it as a kind of monstrous puppet.

thanks for the reply, not sure about dropping the avatar of death on the hero vamps as i kinda like the idea of them being good fighters and also good mages, tho do you have any recommended set ups?


26-03-2008, 23:12
for more protection on your vamps you could give one the flayed hauberk and the other the enchanted shield for better saves.

Also why the sword of might on the lord? balefire spike sounds better to me, but its no biggie.

i like the theme though!! i think a black coach might fit the fluff quite well and imo is a lot better than the blood knights.

a couple of vamp setups i like for being all rounders are:

1. bsb, Tomb blade, flayed hauberk, infinate hatred and walking death. - obviously inside some skeletons.

2. Avatar of death, Dark Acolyte, Enchanted shield and Book of arkhan.

i find running these two together is quite a nice combo and they both together are quite balanced. 3pd 1 bound spell, 2 dd. Both 2+ save and 1 give plus 2 combat res as well as reducing crumbeling in nearby units.

26-03-2008, 23:40
Awesome theme.. have you considered a log as you progress with it? Would love to see how the army takes shape.

I would second the opinion on removing Avatar of Death from the vampires. Heavy armour won't protect them against anything that's willing to try and kill them, and a great weapon will deny them one of their greatest defensive attributes in the ability to strike in Initiative order. Strength 5 is usually enough to get by.

Removing both pays for a pack of 5 wolves as well, which you mentioned as a unit you wanted in there somewhere.

The second corpse cart is perhaps a little unnecessary, since one can easily be within 6" of the three units in your main battleline. Unless of course you have some grand, evil plans for the second one...

Removing the second cart allows for one more unit of wolves and a very handy banner for your Black Knights, which will struggle to hit anything without hatred or +1 to hit.

Just food for thought. I love the look of it all... a rock hard general, and mages to maintain the force. Where do you intend the Lord to go? Riding with either unit of knights? Or wandering around on his own?

30-03-2008, 07:08
tom1354788: I love your ideas for the hero level vampires, fantastic idea; will have to do some re-jigging to fit it all in tho

Dark_Mage99: Have been very busy the last couple of days, what with work and girlfriend commitments but certainly would love to start a log to force me to actually paint something... my Tau armoured cavalry are still unfinished five years after i started them..:confused:

my latest army ideas include having two large units of black knights instead of the smaller blood knight unit and black knight unit, possibly trying to squeeze in a varghulf as well. The Lord and the Wight King (who would be mounted) will accompany a cavalry unit respectivly, i think the Grave Guard can handle themselves without a character.

Thank you all so much, will post my ammended list in the next couple of days and will hopefully start the army in the very near future.