View Full Version : Forest Spirits Border Patrol

Deus Mechanicus
23-03-2008, 22:21
Branchwraith +65...115 pts
- lvl 1 wizard +50 pts

15 Dryads... 180 pts

3 Tree Kin...195 pts

490 pts

what do you think? how would you do an all forest spirit border patrol?

Lord Malorne
23-03-2008, 22:43
Split the dryads into two units, otherwise fine.

24-03-2008, 21:37
As Lord Malorne suggests above, splitting the dryads would be the best plan.

You're pinched for points so I'd consider dropping the caster-status on your dryad and just giving her the cluster spite. This gives you the same extra dispel die for 1/2 the points and allows you to then buy 16 dryads for 2 8-dryad squads and even plump for a champion for the unit escorting your branchwraith.

As to how you do a forest-spirit border patrol...I personally wouldn't but if I did:
Wraith w/Cluster
4x8 dryads (2 with champions)

Wraith w/Cluster
3x8 dryads
5 Wildriders

Be Afraid
24-03-2008, 23:16
**echos advice off Raven**

although, i always find an extra dryad too be more helpful than a champion.