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24-03-2008, 03:19
I have played 40K for years now Blood Angels and Thousend Sons, and now I am getting started with Fantasy due to a up comeing League at my local game store.

Now comes the difficult task of chooseing a army. I have basicly narrowed it down to 2-3 that intrest me but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or insight.

Vampire Counts I was waiting till there new book to start them I already own a small amout of VC models mostly due to a mordhime undead warband and some odd purchases from the line for D&D uses. The new army book kinda runind them for me. The new look and feel of the army is less the bram stokes dracula type and more like underworld/resident evil. This turned me off to them and right now they are probebly the least likely for me to bother with.
Though there powerful magic phase is nice and undead are kinda cool.

Wood Elves Seem Diffrent not as heavy on the magic phase as others but still good. I like most of there models and none of the units seem bad at all very mobil and moderatly versitile. there Fluff is interesting though they do feel limited to there forests, and heavily reliant on terrain set up. Perhaps the biggest thing holding me back from there is if this is the right army for me and the fact that there are atleast 3 other people who are starting WE armys in the next few months.

and Finaly Chaos Mortals, I am not a fan of beast men, or Demons. And I feel there is way too much mutation going on with most of there fluff. not even useful mutation like super hero style but things like extra limbs and eyes in useless places that often seem to make them more vulnerable and less able function. I am not that big a fan of chaos maruders either but they arent terrible. I do wish that chaos warriors where more useful and I do love the Tzeentchian magic phase. It would also get me in the mood for WAR when it releases.

So thats the real question, Chaos Mortals, Wood Elves, or Vampire Counts. as evidence by my 40K armys I like magic, and elite troops I usualy stick to the side of good....or atleast Nutral, but I make exceptions for some.

as for models I dont have any Wood Elves at all, about 20 zombies, 13 grave guard, some spirt hostes and bats, and some odd hero types. for chaos I have a few boxes of chaos warriors, and a chariot.

Ok Sorry for wasteing everyones time :-) thanks for any advice.

24-03-2008, 03:42
As someone who played 40K for years (Dark Angels here) before looking into starting Fantasy I can relate with your plight. I don't know as much as some of the others who will post but I can give you some of the basics and let anyone who posts after me correct anything I might botch. I'll just go down the armies and offer information.

Vampire Counts: If you're used to 40K, this army is probably the polar opposite to 40K. There are no ranged units (well aside from magic) and the army seems to focus around using hordes of rank and files rather than focusing on elite units. I also looked at this army when I was making my decision (I ultimately decided Dark Elves though) because of the fresh perspective it would bring but ultimately I got the impression that just about every game would play about the same and there really weren't many viable options (even in the new book) to expand the way I play. I could be wrong of course, that's just the impression I got.

Biggest bonuses: Ridiculously awesomely powerful characters. Super heavy cavalry. Thematically this army could be fun, so long as you have fun losing (mostly) with an awesomely themed army. High (generally) model count.

Biggest negatives: Great magic phase, but it's mostly just raising more and more zombies or healing your units with probably about the same amount of offensive magic mixed in as any other magic focused list. All melee... just a scary thought for me, coming from a shooty 40K army :). The models are all dead looking things... I guess this is a plus for some folks though. High model count (only really a negative if you paint your army).

Wood Elves: Where VC are as far from 40K as you can get, wood elves are as close to 40K as you can get. Great mix of shootyness, great elite units, really unusual play style (forest walking etc) and from what I recall most of the magic in the WE list doesn't require LoS which can be a pain at times. I also considered WE as my startup fantasy army but decided against it ultimately because there are a ton of people in my area who play them and I really wanted something more unique, I didn't do quite as much research on these guys as I did VC so I can't offer as much.

Biggest bonuses: You can create many viable themed armies. I see all kinds of dryad/tree-creature based armies that look a lot of fun to play and play against. Lots of skirmishers and specialist units with cool rules that you'd have to be a WE player to understand (well before being a veteran player I suppose). Really cool HQ (or lord/hero) choices.

Biggest Negatives: Somewhat reliant on forest... sometimes at a tournament or in a game there are no forest terrain pieces which puts you at a small disadvantage if you grow into playing that way. In my opinion the models are difficult to paint, especially coming from 40K though if you can pull off a good paint job the models tend to look great.

For chaos, I was never interested and didn't do any research. It's another melee focused army with some ranged options though from what I've read here they're not too hot. Some cool options with the chaos marks and such and because all the chaos codexes kind of mix together to some extent if you invest into one army you're kind of keeping your options open for the others.

Good luck making your decision.

24-03-2008, 04:47
Ya the Terrain issue with wood elves dose concern me as well as how popular they have seemed to be lately.

I am just as interested in there fluff as there rules. part of the reason I put up with a pure Thousend sons army even though the latest codex dosent do them even the justice the last one did.

24-03-2008, 05:01
Ya the Terrain issue with wood elves dose concern me as well as how popular they have seemed to be lately.

I am just as interested in there fluff as there rules. part of the reason I put up with a pure Thousend sons army even though the latest codex dosent do them even the justice the last one did.

I feel the exact same way about the "new" dark angels codex. I feel like they removed everything unique about the army and just made them something I could create from the vanilla SM codex.

Anyways, I wouldn't let the potential lack of forests on a map intimidate you too much, the disadvantage isn't that bad unless you come to rely on them... but it depends on where you play. At my particular store there's usually an abundance of forests. If you like the lore a lot I recommend going for it as it should be enjoyable to play win or lose, and WE are a very competitive army, more so than the others you listed in my opinion.

24-03-2008, 05:35
Another 40k to Fantasy convert here (Dark Angels as well :p).

I had a similar dilema when I started: Skaven, Lizardmen, or Dark Elves.

Skaven were the polar opposites of ==My== marines-a horde of unreliable, yet hilarious rat people. Love the Skaven background and charatter, the army is extremely flexible and they are a blast (literally) to play.

Lizardmen are much like the marines-reliable, tough, and elite. The 'meh' Saurus models and desire for an army with more personality turned ==Me== off to them.

Dark Elves are #2, no question. I just held off on them due to the outdated rules, and can't wait for August.

I reccommend picking the army you will enjoy playing and painting, since you'll be doing that the most. You probably won't win your first couple games as you learn the rules and come to grips with your army, and having the army will make this much more enjoyable. I lose with ==My== rats a lot (more often than not due to a ridiculously over the top misfire or miscast), but I have a great time because I love the army and playing with it is all I need out of a game. Don't get an army just because t3h intarwebs say it is strong, as they tend to be one-dimensional and rule changes will hurt (balance) them considerably.

Based on what you wrote, it looks like WE are the army for you. VCs are what you make of them (each Vampire is unique and can be made however you like, but everything else is the same as always) and Chaos is all about mutation, Tzeetnch especially. Remember why Ahriman cast his rubric and turned all the TSons into dust, it was to keep them from mutating like crazy (tends to happen to followers of the god of change).

Hope that helps, good luck :)

24-03-2008, 20:17
Ya but atleast the mutations chaos marines tend to get are useful ones...ever read though the mutation charts in warhammer RPG...wow never worship chaos unless you like crippleing weakenses.

24-03-2008, 20:26
Go for Chaos. That way you can use lots of bits from your CSM (and the other way around) as well as any demons you might already have.

25-03-2008, 04:55
hehe well I have zero demons and on the rare occasion I actualy feild demons under the new rules I use zombie models or chaos warrior models (ferel warriors summoned from a far away world or just animated dead)

so there realy isent any big cross over stuff.

25-03-2008, 14:41
I reccommend picking the army you will enjoy playing and painting, since you'll be doing that the most.
This is the right answer. ;)