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24-03-2008, 03:58
Hey, I have put a lot of thought into it, and finally I decided to start Warhammer Fantasy. it was a toss up for which army to start between Bretonnia(I was thinking almost all Cavalry...) and Wood Elves (Something about them, they're just cool...)

Finally, the elves won out on me, and I have decided to start them. Now, I haven't played Fantasy, but I have played Warhammer 40,000 for 11 years now, so I'm not completely new to this stuff.

Anyway, this is a GENERAL idea on what I might want my 1000 point army to look like. Tell me what you think:


Lvl. 2
Elven Steed
2x Dispel scrolls
187 pts

Don't really know what weapons to give him here. I don't know what combinations do best now........any help would be loved.


1x unit of Glade Guard-15 men
Full command

1x unit of Glade Guard-15 men
Full Command

1x unit of Glade guard scouts-5 men
Full Command

1x unit of Glade riders-10 men
Full Command

This puts me at 980 Points (not including the Noble)

Tell me what you think of this...


24-03-2008, 05:47
well, im a WE noob myself but i have played a few games and this is some advice i can give you.

1. Keep Glade Guards at maximum 10 strength. 15 makes them clumsy.
2. You need hammer units. Consider investing in 8 - 16 (1 or 2 units) Wardancers.
3. Get a Treeman. He will enable you to play higher pointage games.
4. You need Dryads. About 24 (8 dryads per unit) is a good starting point.
5. GGs don't need full command.

It looks like you have a WE gunline type or army. It won't work. They shoot S3 (S4 if short range) and they are super weak at T3. They won't beable to hold the charge and your opponent will roll over you easy.

WE are very hard to play and is rather unforgiving for new players (even if your a 40k vet, both game systems are VERY different imho).

A better 1000 point list might be (off the top of my head)

noble; wardancer kindred, blades of loec
7 wardancers (full command)

10 glade guards

10 glade guards

8 dryads

8 dryads


Some people feel that a Treeman in a 1000 point list is rather cheesy, but i think its a good way to experience how the WE army works.

Basic stratagy is for the Dryads to screen, GG to pepper the flanks and the Treeman and Wardancers to tag behind the dryads. Treeman & WD will either flank the enemy that the Dryads get to charge.

For higher pointage games, things get interesting (and complicated) when you want to do treesurfing and other tricks. ;-)

24-03-2008, 06:56
Well, looking at the tree-man, i doubt that I am going to have him in a 1,000 point list. I just don't feel that something that...big (I guess will work), belongs in such a small game.

I know the power of archers...none...But I still think that I am going to keep somewhere near that same number. Speaking of which, what do you mean that the guard gets 'clumsy' at 15 men strong?

What I might do is to have more cavalry to bolster my more solid units. Plus, the speed bonus....i don't know. But i do know that I don't want any forest spirits until around 1,500-2,000 point games... Because I think that I might theme this army, I just don't know what on...

EDIT: Speaking of which, what I was thinking of maybe doing, is to have more than average glade riders (The reason I went with elves instead of Brettonia is because i could get the coolness of the elves, with cavalry as a core choice).

How effective are they? Are my ideas for a semi-cavalry-based army viable?

24-03-2008, 07:47
Glade Riders are only good for "baiting" and as mobile peppering unit coz its fast cavlary. But they do not hold charges or good for charging. They are mainly used to bait the enemy into charging them (and fleeing) and exposing enemy ranks so your own units can sneak in and flank charge your opponent units.

Think of them as mobile versions of the Glade Guard.

15 elf wide GGs is clumsy because you get problems manuvoring them around terrain (too long). GGs can be used to bait also because they can move and shoot. GGs cannot shoot behind each other. Two rows of 5 or 6 means only frontage can shoot. Hence its useless to have 15 wide (clumsy to move around) or 5 - 6 wide but two rows (only front can shoot). etc.

I have not seen any WE cavalry based army. Even if you try (lets say Wild Riders + Glade Rider list) its too expensive (pointage wise) and your model count will be so low, you'll be usually outnumbered 3 : 1.

Do remember GRs are rubbish on the charge and will not hold lines. You need tougher troops like Dryads, Eternal Guards or even Treekin (which are seldom used). Wildriders are great for flank charges, but again, are rubbish on head on charges.

Wildriders and Wardancers are devastating when they do flank charges but they need Dryads (cheapest anvil for the WE army imho) to take the charge.

Its just how the army plays.

24-03-2008, 08:47
Just a quick note: There are several good Wood Elf forums on the web. You're likely to get a lot of feedback there, and have tons of discussions on how to use units, how to play against different opponents, etc.

Asrai.org (http://www.asrai.org) is one good one.

There's also a new Battleglade Forum (http://battleglade.freeforums.org/index.php) just starting up. The old one was on a horrid old system and the new one should be much prettier to look at. Jeff Wilson among other famous WE generals post there.

Now on to the real post! In my gaming club, we've been playing a campaign for Fantasy the last couple months. It started at 500 pts, and has grown 200 per meeting. We played 2 games at every level up to 1500 so far. My record is 8-1-1, and I was new to the army when I started the campaign. My advice for low level Wood Elves? Shooting will win you the game. You can outshoot just about anyone at 1000 points or less, possible exception being Dwarfs with a Gyrocopter. If you can't catch it, then it'll use its flame template to slaughter all your T3 units.

I like taking units of 11 Archers. It's kinda strange I know, but I like ranking up 6x2 with a character and not having guys spilling off the movement tray. Two units of these should do you nicely.

Next up you need some speed. I prefer Wild Riders because they are 10x better in combat than Glade Riders. Not as versatile and not as easy to get a character to join them, but they are very very good at what they do.

Another good core unit for your army is Wardancers. They are relatively cheap and you can fit them in just about every army list. 8 is generally considered the optimum unit size by most WE players and I am very comfortable at this size as well. Any more than 10 is pushing it, because you can only fit so many in combat.

These guys will likely do most of your mop-up at this size of a game. They can take on whittled-down units in frontal charges, or they can be sneaky and attack the flanks or simply attack alongside your Wild Riders for some tag-team goodness.

You're looking at approx. 600 points spent on the 2 units of archers, Wild Riders and Wardancers.

If you want to flirt with magic, then 1 level 2 might be enough. 2 Mages is highly recommended if you want to rely on magic. Early on it might be easier to take a more defensive mage and a combat character. That should see you through nicely.

If you go the mixed combat and magic route, I recommend one of two things. A highly defensive mage (level 1, dispel scroll or two) and an Alter Noble. He can't be your general, but he's super aggressive and is as fast as he is dangerous. Helm of the Hunt, Great weapon, light armor, shield and Hail of Doom Arrow is pretty standard for most Alter models. He can dish out up to 5 S6 attacks in combat, and once a game shoot 3d6 times at S4. Very very versatile, especially with movement 9.

If you don't go for Mage and Alter, then I would probably advise a shooty mage (Hail of Doom Arrow and Ranu's Heartstone to re-roll one cast or dispel attempt) and toss a character in either the Wardancers or the Wild Riders. These characters don't need much in the way of equipment because they gain all kinds of special rules from their Kindred upgrades. They will make your close combat units much more reliable.

At this stage you should have points for a Great Eagle or another cheap unit like Dryads. Eagles are fantastic for screwing up the opponent's battle lines and redirecting troops away from you. Find an article on Asrai or Battleglade to see the best ways to use models like Eagles.

I really like the trick where you angle your base at a 45 degree angle to the unit that is going to charge your Eagle. They have to line up to face the Eagle, and so they turn and expose a big juicy flank for your Wardancers, Dryads, or whatever else you have waiting to pounce. When they are through with the 50 point Eagle, the unit is usually toast.

Basically your best bet with a smallish Wood Elf army is to whittle down any big scary units with shooting, then mob up on them in combat. If you really weaken them with shooting then you can kill them one on one due to the superior killing power of Wardancers and the likes.

24-03-2008, 11:51
basically everything that was said above is correct, just one thing to add, GR are an amazing unit. The amount of versitility they can bring to the army is really needed. They can shoot (only 5 or 6 times but it will add up with all the other shots), they can march block, bait, warmachine (not dwarves). mage (not TK princes or kings, chaos, VC, or any other T4 and higher mage), and kill other fast calv or skrimishers. The are just a great unit.

Second scout aren't that great unless they are WW. They loose the S4 at close range, and cant really do much with S3, a minor annoyance. WW are great because they have 2 attacks each, BS5 and they have KB which is really effective to kill characters or knights if you get lucky.

just what id add...:cool:

24-03-2008, 12:11
Okay, i see myself as a pretty experienced WE player :)

First... Make Your noble a alter noble, give him Helm of The Hunt and Glamourweave + light armor, shield and Great W. This gives him 5, WS 7, S6 attacks on a charge, and works as fear (only hit on 6), with a 4+ward save against shooting and magic.
- Costs 158 pts.

Other... Well... making a unit of 15 GG seems stupid. You mostly want them to only have 1 rank, which gives u more shooting (and they stink in hand 2 hand). Having a unit of 10 is enough. 15 GG is a pain to move anywhere.

GR are fine, but i dont like the idea of having 10 in a unit. 2x5 is the same at a cheaper price.. Use to bait and mage hunt ;)

Nor GG or GR need full command, give them all musican instead.. They dont need to get into Close Combat..

If you have 2x5 GR u dont need scouts, the GR will do just as good. Spare you points on something else..

Use the points u now have to get 2x8 dryads or/and some wildriders!

25-03-2008, 05:01
Ok, thanks a lot so far...today, I did something amazing...i blew 110 bucks on a whim....yes, that is right, I bought the battalion box set for WE, and I threw in a Hero with 2 hand weapons for command...I think that this should set me up for a nice start, right?

25-03-2008, 10:26
yap! i started with the battalion box too.

you would just need to add to your force a few blisters of wardancers and maybe a box or two of dryads and your good to go.

as for your hero choices, you can get the wardancer hero and a spellsinger later on.