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24-03-2008, 04:17
hey all,

i am beginning an Empire army, white wolf style. i already have the Middenheim Siege Defenders box from SoC and was wondering what i could do to build upon that to form a solid white wolf themed Empire army that will at least be passable on the tt (mostly looking for theme/ fluff, rather than competitiveness)

thanks a lot

25-03-2008, 01:10
come one people.... nobody has anything to say? thats kinda disappointing...


Napoleon Blownapart
25-03-2008, 01:30
Well I would suggest using Sigmar Priests as Ulric Priests. That's a start. You obviously want to use lots of White wolf knights...
Honestly I'm having trouble fighting the urge to tell you to get as much infantry as possible ;but wait, I just did. Infantry:Always fluffy, always competitive.

Anyway come on down to empire online there's all sorts there that have done Ulric lists with the new book. Me not being one of them, I'm a city slicker 8).

25-03-2008, 02:20
@Napoleon Blownapart: i have been unable to locate the empire online forums of which you speak...... would you please put up a link.


Napoleon Blownapart
25-03-2008, 12:04
Here you go:

25-03-2008, 22:57
thanks a lot

26-03-2008, 00:13
If you want more info on a Middenland army I suggest taking a look here:

For your army I suggest the following
-Templar Master of the White Wolfs
-Warrior-Priests (model as Ulric priests)
-Captains and Generals (give them wolf cloaks, beards and great weapons)
-Wizards (probably beast lore)

-Swordsmend with Free Company Detachments
-Knights with Great Weapons (White Wolfs)

-Knights of the Inner Circle (+2 save and Str5, whats not to love?)
-Maybe Pistoleers or Outriders,
-Middenland isn't into gunpowder so I would avoid cannons/mortars unless necessary

-Wouldn't use Helblasters or Helstorms for same reasons as Cannons/Mortars

-Private Jon

Gaius Marius
26-03-2008, 15:23
A single cannon or mortar can fit in fluff wise no problem as a siege type weapon, just "Gothic" it up a bit for the model.