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24-03-2008, 04:45

Soon I'll be getting my hands on a small Dark Elf armyI won on ebay, and I'm getting ready to do battle!!

How does this look then?

[Dark Elves 1k]

Circe (125pts)
[Sorceress; Hand Weapon; Level 1 Wizard; Black Staff; Tome of Furion]

Wall of Spears (185pts)
[20 DE Warriors; Hand Weapon; Spears; Shields; Light Armor; Full Command]

Black Rain (110pts)
[10 DE Warriors; Hand Weapon; Repeater Xbows; Light Armor]

Swift Avengers (141pts)
[5 Dark Riders; Hand Weapon; Spear; Repeater Xbow; Light Armor; Dark Steed; Musician; Herald]

Drake Riders (335pts)
[10 Cold One Riders; Hand Weapon; Lance; Shield; Heavy Armor; Cold One; Full Command]

The Dragonís Claw (100pts)
[Reaper Bolt Thrower]

Total: 996 pts

24-03-2008, 06:30
You have 2 Arcane Items (Black Staff, Tome of Furion), also, I see no real point in removing the cap on Power Dice even knowing 2 spells if you only have 3 Power Dice to start with.

I'd upgrade your Sorceress to level 2, give her a Darkstar Cloak put her on a mount and then trim 33 points where you can.

Dropping your Herald in your Dark Riders might be a good place to start. Maybe drop the RxBs in the same squad and then buy an 11th man for your RxB warriors. That's 1k exactly.

24-03-2008, 07:30
Thanks for pointing out the Arcane Blunder.

I'll upgrade her to Lvl 2 and give her a darkstar cloak.

Also dropping the command models from the Dark Riders (a musician would be handy but I dont think I'll be using them for fleeing much) brings the list down to 1k exactly.


24-03-2008, 12:01
The sorsori really arn't very good, but if you really want it, lvl 2 and a darkstar would be the best way to go.

Why make a unit of 10 cold riders with no banner? They are rather overpriced, and can't kill much without a hydra banner. With what u have, id say drop it to 8 and give them banner of murder.

25-03-2008, 05:14
Why isn't the sorceress good? I'm thinking lore of Death.

And why the cold ones don't seem that bad for their money.

I mean 20 unit strength 2+ save heavy cav. with S5 on the chargre and S4 mounts, that cause fear and may auto-break the enemy are not good?!? OK stupidity is an issue, but at Ld9 the chances are less than 10%...

25-03-2008, 12:51
People have a jaded opinion of Cold ones because of stupidity and after the charge they are only str 3. They are some of the best cavalry in the game though. A fear causeing Charge with hits hard and has continuous str 4 hits after that (mount) is good. Granted the Hydra banner does make them stand out and above, because of the xtra attacks. Its not always needed though. If you were to take a unit of 6 with FC and a War Banner that would give you some points to make the changes that were talked about. The hearald has to go though, not usefull at all for a unit of DR. If you bump up the Sorc to a Lvl 2 and give her the Dark Star Cloak and either a Scroll or a Seal of Ghrond to help really null an enemy magic phase. Also, try and put some sheilds on your Xbowelves. They make them a heck of alot better.

Little Aaad
25-03-2008, 23:46

Soon I'll be getting my hands on a small Dark Elf armyI won on ebay, and I'm getting ready to do battle!!

How does this look then? I am going to reconstruct this list.

[Dark Elves 1k]

Circe, Sorceress
-Level 2 Wizard
-Dark Steed Mobile mage for close range spells.

Wall of Spears, 20 Spearmen
-Full Command

Black Rain, 10 Crossbowmen
-Repeating Crossbows

Swift Avengers, 5 Dark Riders
-Repeating Crossbows

Drake Riders, 5 Cold One Knights
-Full Command

Drake Support, 5 Cold One Knights
-Basically to support units with a static res. and command. Can also be a good hammer unit.

The Dragonís Claw, Reaper Bolt Thrower

999 :)

Huh? Look up there!! ^^^

26-03-2008, 05:18

I understand that splitting the CoK in general gives more options on the battlefield, but it also kinda nullifies the advantage of Fear...

A good, healthy 10 Knights has U.S. 20 and has a good chance of outnumbering and auto-breaking the enemy.

(but then again, not if one is playing against Undead, Ogres, Woodies or Slaanesh).

The Chariots also look very good on paper, but the Ld8 stupidity makes me think twice...

26-03-2008, 08:12
But then again,

two 5-man groups of CoK can still set up for a simultaneous charge, reaping all the benefits of a 10 man charge... which is nice. Gives more options!

What is the general concensus on CoChariots?