View Full Version : Question regarding Skarsnik's Sneaky Schemes

Seth the Dark
24-03-2008, 05:36
I am wondering in order to us the 'Sneaky Schemes', what exactly constitutes a "unit"? Does any thing counts (warmachines, Giants, chariots, etc.)? Thanks for any help.

Gorbad Ironclaw
24-03-2008, 07:02
Everything is a unit. A single character on his own is a unit, a monster is a unit, a warmachine, cahriots etc.

Just note that when characters have joined other units it's still only one unit and you can't pick out the character as he isn't a seperate unit anymore(well not unless you have some other rule that lets you pick him out).

Chicago Slim
24-03-2008, 13:47
I disagree about characters in units: Sneaky Schemes is rolled for prior to deployment; characters don't join units until they are deployed (at the end of deployment). Until they are placed inside a unit, they aren't part of it.

Of course, in terms of real gameplay, I generally give my opponent their choice: "You can either assume that characters are not part of any unit and roll separately for them, or you can assume the character to be part of the unit, in which case a roll of one will keep both of them off the table, AND if they pass the roll, you must place that character in that unit, as part of your last deployment."