View Full Version : Do you ever get bored of new VC lists?

24-03-2008, 12:13
Just kidding!

So, as I've dominantly played aggressively in previous edition of VC, then by switching to new edition made a try to use defensive characters, I found out that defensive style of play is not what I really want. As we are forced to take lots of infantry I didn't want to neglect this side as well so I decided to strike a bargain! Lots of magic, solid defensive line and brutal offense. So, what do you guys make of this:

2250 Pts - Vampire Counts Army

Vampire Lord; Magic Level 3; Master of the Black Arts; Red Fury; Dreadlance; Crown of the Damned, Zombie Dragon

Vampire; Dark Acolyte; Lord of the Dead; Book of Arkhan

Vampire; Dark Acolyte; Lord of the Dead; Helm of Commandment; Black Periapt

12 Skeleton Warriors; Standard (War Banner); Skeleton Captain
12 Skeleton Warriors; Standard (Banner of the Endless Nightmare); Skeleton Captain
20 Zombies
14 Grave Guard; Great Weapon; Standard (Banner of the Barrows); Seneschal
4 Fell Bats
5 Black Knights
1 Varghulf
1 Varghulf

Casting Pool: 11
Dispel Pool: 6
Models in Army: 71

Total Army Cost: 2250

24-03-2008, 17:12
On the Lord, I'd drop MOTBA and instead fill him up on killy traits and items, since he's on a ZombieD. Also, since you don't have a cart, I recommend BKs instead of GG. Knights hit as hard on the charge, and don't have to wait through the enemy attacks before they get their turn.