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Seth the Dark
24-03-2008, 18:28
I'm looking to start a Night Goblin Horde with Skarsnik leading it. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to structure a Night Goblin horde. Are there any good sites out there for O+G or just Night Goblins?

24-03-2008, 19:39
I copied this from Avians signature. A very good site with great advice on Orcs and Gobbo's.


I hope this helps.

24-03-2008, 21:59
Hand weopon, shield, nets, and 1-3 fanatic in a unit of 25-30 gobboes.

25-03-2008, 18:49
Here's the best advice I can give you: don't play a one-trick pony army.

The idea of just tons and tons of night gobbos might sound appealing, but it's slow to move and react, not very flexible, and appalingly weak in certian situations.

If I were you, I'd take a good, strong core of 3-5 units of night gobbos- maybe 20-30 a block- and build your army around that. You're going to want two sizeable units of trolls to add punch to the army; these should be kept near skarsnik, and giving his unit a measure of protection, and can either be used to keep him out of combat an extra turn or to counter-charge when his unit gets hit.

Make good use of squig hoppers; not only are they night-gobliny, they are also very effective flanking troops. A night goblin hero on a giant squig also works well.

I would also recommend using spider riders; its a pretty simple task to convert spider riders to look like night gobbos, and in my opinion, they should have been a night goblin unit to begin with.

Don't forget: skarsnik gives you some great magical firepower; it might be an idea to have as many as 2 night gobbo shamans to give added firepower (though you don't want more than that). Also, night gobbo archers are a seriously cheap and very under-rated unit.

Finally, resist the urge to put netters and fanatics in every single night gobbo unit. Netters should be used to protect the most important units (i.e., Skarsnik's boys) or discourage a charge on certian units (i.e., units with a shaman). Remeber, you want your opponent to charge certian units (like those cheap archers!), and not having nets is a good way to encourage that. Once they do charge those archers, maybe suprise them with a fanatic or three!

And remember, that's the most important thing about fanatics- the element of suprise. If you have fanatics in every unit, your oppoent will learn to play around them. Make him nervous every time he charges. Pick units at random each game that get them! Make him lose his mind each turn, not knowing when and where they will pop out! Also, if you only have, say, 9 fanatics as opposed to like 21, you save a lot of points, and (oddly enough) they are often more effective.

Anyways, I hope this helped, and good luck!

02-04-2008, 12:32
that was a great posts by mr bounce, and i have not been playings my goblins for a year or two so i am rusty >_< but remembers the most important!

(besides havings fun and accept that your army will lives it own life)

Dont bring any orcs or big peoples! they only try to boss the gobbos around and punts them and get in the way. A good goblins army is made up of goblins.
Orcs and other biggies can stays at home and eat fungus.

I guess trolls is okay as they are sillier than gobbos and can easily be ordereds around but that woulds be the limit. I have seen people claimings to have a night goblins army and then they bring black orcs as leaders or even orc units and other things that does not fit.

A good goblins is a goblins that has his goblins friends with him and knows to stays away from orcs and other big people!

02-04-2008, 14:13
I haven't played pure Night Goblins yet, but I plan to do so for the second half of this year (right now it's an 'Ard Boyz style list).

Current thinking favours using plenty of squigs, plenty of magic and not really bothering with trying to get good Leadership because you can't anyway. ;)

02-04-2008, 14:34
yep! goblins love littles hopping squigs, things that flash and sparks like magic and they also hate leaderships, just like you say :P what is the fun in listenings to some important guy givings tactics and orders and being all important and bully-ish when you can runs to the front and find something to fights! (or friends to fights)

02-04-2008, 23:37
a lovely idea!! it infected me some weeks ago, and then i started using a goblin army..
i've tested it only few times, but i'm thinking u can get the best mixing large blocks of ng with some good flanking unit of common goblins..

in the past ng horde was really good, because had a lot of magic, and 2 more heroes for add a bit of D or wound here and there..
now i prefer using the little help from common goblins if needed..

from my list i can suggest you blocks of 35 night gobbos, with spears or hand weapons is your choice, but netters and 2 fanatics are really good choice! i never take 3 fanatics in the same unit, as it will be probably be more a problem than a good thing, and netters are really worth against S3 units, but not so much against higher strenght!
i use some 20-strong units of bow gobbos too, to carry another fanatic each, and shoot to big stuff or units on hills.. basically to everything can massimize number of your shoots ;)
i also use 3-4 units of fast cavalry (wolfriders and spiders), 4 chukkas and a doom diver.
squig hoppers, heroes with Great Weapon and goblin chariots are invaluable to add wounds at your big static CR (never take standards or champions, always keep musician!)

these are my choices, and there're also a few lovely combos from magic items.. maybe u can enjoy with them! :)

in the web you can also find some extreme mono-nightgobbos horde (only infantry.. units 80-strong, and maybe a few squigs around the field..) but they're quite boring to use (just field it on the table, and move on, or backward when you start fleeing..ghgh )
it depends on what you prefer.. something extreme and mad or something just more balanced but still funny as hell?!?

just to make an exemple, in my last game 2 fanatics come back in their unit, then the shaman's head exploded with a bad roll on miscast table.. as a result 14 ngobbos were merely slayed from "friend fire" just in my movement and magic phase!! :)

18-04-2008, 22:06
i currently play a night gobo army
i max out on war machines wiv 8 chukkas nd 2 doom divers then squeeze in as much magic and fanatics as possible

its a really fun army nd i prob enjoy it the most watching my own army kill itslef while i laugh with the opponent^^

19-04-2008, 15:25
I'd say Squigs and Magic, but if you want a really competitive army, you'll have to mix a few orcs in there ... a pure Night Goblin army is fun (at least for me), but relies heavily on luck ...

It all depends on your playing style, of course, but here's a good rule : use two units to do the job of one ... with Animosity, you'll never know if your units will in fact do what you want them to do. Having more units should allow you to have at least one or two that behave properly.

That being said, I played a game recently where ALL my units Squabbled for the first two turns, yes, all 7 units of Night Goblins and 4 units of Squig Hoppers did absolutely nothing for two turns (except being pounded by ennemy fire).

I sometimes curse my (lack of) luck ...