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24-03-2008, 21:00
A few weeks ago 1 of my friend got me back into Warhammer and after playing DoW: Soulstorm demo I was hooked on Dark Eldar.

After reading up more and more on the ways of the Dark Eldar it pulled me in even more and I decided to start again.

Spend a bit of money of the last few weeks and got my army up. It ain't ready for me to start battling with like but its a start. Since I last played the rules have changed alot and my friends have started playin Apocalypse rules. After talking to a few people about it, it makes it sound like a totally different type of game, but good & fun!!

When I mention to anyone that i'm Dark Eldar and my mates play Apocalypse rules they all say ummmmmm Dark Eldar Apocalypse rules I wouldn't like that myself.

It does seem like its a strange choice Dark Eldar in Apocalypse but I love Dark Eldar. Was thinking of getting my Dark Eldar army up to a few thousand points and then starting another army to back them up. Was thinking of Chaos or Necrons, as I hate Orks & Eldar & Tyranids wouldn't work I dont think.

Any thought on this??

24-03-2008, 21:17
Please read the rules, the news and rumour section isn't for asking questions, you should take this to the general 40K section instead.
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24-03-2008, 21:21
You'll probably receive better feedback posting this in the General Discussion Forum.

fwiw you can play DE in Apocalypse just fine, but you'll need to use a little imagination in terms of modeling and datasheets. Make yourself a couple Fallen Revenant Titans and start collecting souls.

24-03-2008, 21:34
sorry only just noticed that I posted in the wrong section.

Didnt notice I was reading the dark eldar rumours at the time I clicked on New Topics

If a mod could move it for me, that would be great.

24-03-2008, 22:06
They aren't half bad! You don't have the restrictions a normal game would have, for example, you could have 3 Archons with Shadow fields, you can carry a few crucibles of malediction, etc. In combination with a few strategic assets, such as flank march, you can be very deadly. I haven't used the Titan Hunter Force since I don't play against titans but the Splinter Raider Force is quite good, even thought it has to be done on the first turn.

True we don't have much, but I'm sure that will change once the new codex is released.

You can also purchase some FW Eldar stuff to take as allies or count them as Dark Eldar. For example I recently purchased an Eldar Titan that I'm going to paint up as a large Incubi. I'm thinking about coming up with new rules to make a CC Titan, so it has more of a DE feel. But that's the beauty of Apocalypse, it's flexible!

24-03-2008, 22:11
Hi there,

best of luck with DE in Apocalypse, at least in the short term.

Forge World have a couple of Data Sheets in their 'Imperial Armour - Apocalypse' book, but not much. However, given the ethos of Apoc, and the fact that GW have guidelines for creating your own Data Sheets:


why not have a go yourself?

On a related note: