View Full Version : Chaos army composition

24-03-2008, 22:01
Okay then. Basically I have shed loads of chaos stuff and am interested to know what works well and what doesn't, particularly regarding the marks. Here's all the models I've got:

A lord of Khorne/Tzeentch mounted on Deamonic steed/Disc of Tzeentch
Khorne/Nurgle/Tzeentch champion on foot
55 Chaos warriors (20 undivided, 20 Khorne, 15 Nurgle)
48 Marauders (24 w/hands weapons and shields/ 24 w/flails)
2 x Maruader Horsemen (5 in each)
2 x Chaos knights (5 undivided, 5 unmade [perhaps khorne])
One beastherd (Twin hand weapons)

I'm trying to repaint the lot in order to sell them off. What composition would be good for say 2000 points? It doesn't have to include all of the models (Practically impossible), can be any mark and I don't care if its not some uber-competitive army. I'm also thinking about the daemon spearhead and adding some bloodletters/flesh hounds (or should it be the daemonettes?) to the army. I am aware that daemons may not be being used in hordes soon. Any ideas? Cheers.