View Full Version : Lots of Figs, what Empire should I field?

24-03-2008, 22:28
Okay, I've been playing for years. Mainly as a Skaven, though I've dabbled in pretty much every army out there. In any case, I've built up a mighty number of Empire Troops for my Stirland army but I'm not sure what to field. My regular opponents have every army available, though I see a lot of WE, HE, Chaos, and VC. Standard army is about 2250.

I have:
3 Arch Lector/Warrior Priests and 1 War Altar
Karl Franz and Dragon/Griffon
4 Wizards
Captain on a Pegasus
2 Engineers

48 Spearmen with or without shields and with 2 commands
20 Swordsmen with full command
16 Handgunners
5 Knights with Lances and command
10 Knights with Greatweapons and command
18 archers
15 Crossbowmen
28 Free Company

3 Mortar/Cannons
7 Pistoliers including Outrider
20 Greatswords with Command

10 Flagellants
1 Steam Tank
1 Rocket Battery
1 Hellblaster
1 Giant

I've just got such variety but I'm not sure what would work and how I should put the whole thing together. Thanks.

Napoleon Blownapart
25-03-2008, 01:35
Lots of infantry.

Other then that, there's the competitive Lord(WarAltar), and the Fluffy lord(General). Rocket Battery I find to be too inconsistent, cannons tend to be the most solid artillery choice. Honestly there's not much you couldn't do, so maybe a fluffy specific list?