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10-10-2005, 05:22
i already know they seem to be a somewhat 40k skaven race (tho gw insists they are not), but beyond that i know nothing. anyone have any concrete info on them? like their tactics, units, weapons, vehicles, etc and/or any links to storyline about them.

Khaine's Messenger
10-10-2005, 05:26
The Hrud are a whipping-boy race. Some past discussion and info on them can be found here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9421&highlight=hrud).

Jaq Draco
10-10-2005, 10:57
As far as i know about the Hrud

they've been around since the great crusade, since i can remember one of the primarchs leading his marines in the cleansing of a few Hrud warrens

so obviously they live in warrens
and they're main armament is the hrud Fusil

10-10-2005, 12:03
For what it's worth, despite their being out of synch with time their hearts can be eaten according to the Mortifactors in WoU.

Jaq Draco
11-10-2005, 14:36
how are they out of synch with time???
where does the fluff state that

12-10-2005, 00:12
I may have used the wrong words, but it is established somewhere that they experience time differently.