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25-03-2008, 02:26
Here is a 2250 point list I am working on. Feedback please.

455 Vampire Lord (205)
Lv 3(50), Red Fury (50), Forbidden Lore (35), Lord of the Dead (15), Nightshroud (20), Power Stone (20), Blood Drinker (40), Crimson Gem of Lahmia (20)

208 Vampire (100)
Nightmare (8), Lv 2, Heavy Armor, Great Weapon, Dark Acolyte (30), Avatar of Death (20), The Hand of Dust (50)

190 Vampire (100)
Lv 2, Dark Acolyte (30), Lord of the Dead (15), Black Periapt (15), Helm of Commandment (30)

105 Necromancer (55) Extra Necromancy Spell (15), The Book of Arkhan (35)

88 Zombies x 20 Standard (8)

189 Skeleton Warriors x 18 Champion (8), Standard (8), Musician (4), War Banner (25)

141 Skeleton Warriors x 12 Champion (8), Standard (8), Musician (4), Banner of Endless Nightmare (25)

100 Corpse Cart x1 Regeneration, Miasma of Deathly Vigour, Unholy Lodestone (25)

50 Dire Wolves x 5 Doom Wolf

60 Fell Bats x3

299 Grave Guard x 18 Great Weapons (18), Seneschal (12), Standard(12), Musician(6), Royal Standard of Strigos(35)

189 Black Knights x 5 Barding(20), Standard(16), Musician(8), Banner of the Dead Legion (25)

175 Varghulf

25-03-2008, 03:42
hmm lets see the necro is in the corps cart the lord and other vamp on foot are in the grave guard and large skelly unit spread out a bit to maximize vampire influance.

the last vamp goes with the blood knights useing the wolves as a screen to protect them.

and the fel bats and vangalf go war mechine/enemy character hunting or go for a flank/rear charge if opportunity presents itself.

good magic items though it might be more useful to have the banner of the dead legion rather than war banner. 18x skellies doubled is going to outnumber just about everyone.

and the 12 man skely unit is a bit small I hope you can build it up or it wont be able to use fear to best effect due to numbers.