View Full Version : Ogres 1000 & 2000 points

25-03-2008, 14:00
Let's see what you think about my army lists!

1000 points:

Bruiser: heavy armour, great weapon

Butcher: bangstick, dispel scroll

3 Bulls: -

2 x 3 Ironguts: Bellower

2 x 2 Leadbelchers: -

8 Gnoblar Trappers: -

2000 points:

Tyrant: heavy armour, tenderiser, jade lion

Butcher: dispel scroll, bangstick

Butcher: skull mantle, dispel scroll

Butcher: siegebreaker

3 Bulls: -

9 Gnoblar Trappers: -

4 Ironguts: Bellower, Standard, Bull Standard

2 x 3 Ironguts: Bellower

2 x 2 Leadbelchers: -

3 Yhetees: -

1 Gorger: -

So let me hear your opinion and I hope I'll receive some good advice :)

25-03-2008, 14:44
Fairly standard except that most people take 2 Gorgers to increase the chance of one of them coming in during the earlier rounds. They are taken to help take out gunnery crews and ranged units or at least distract them and they don't tend to be much help with that when they come in on round 4 or 5. :)

Most people dislike the Bull Standard as it is very difficult to get Bull Charge off with any consistency.

Maybe drop some of the Bellowers on the Ironguts and maybe get the Bellowers on the Leadbelchers. They make great guards for the flanks, but also make great bait&flee troops. You want the Ironguts attacking, but I also understand the security of a Musician for the Rally test.

25-03-2008, 16:16
I like the list, except for the things Mercules already pointed out and a lack of Mawseeker on the tyrant. I always want to put some protection on my tyrant.

I never buy anything that modifies bull charge. It's a great ability to use in forcing people out of position, which they move in order to avoid the bull charge. however, a good opponent will avoid getting bull charged and a bad opponent can be beaten without the bonus.

25-03-2008, 18:50
Another possibility for the Irongut standard would be the Ragbanner. I think, it may be useful.
Or I drop the standard and some bellowers and try to get in a second Gorger, might be also a good idea, and instead of the Jade Lion I take some item which provides some safety for the Tyrant.

I'll see which changes I'm going to make, I'm away for two days now, but I think I'll find some time to work on the list and then I'll post it again!