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25-03-2008, 17:07
Has anyone had any success using a large unit of marauders....say 24-29 of them? Give them a full command and great weapons and stick in a undivided champion with the Helm of Many Eyes and a great weapon.

I was thinking this would be a great, cheap unit on the charge. If you're 6 across and 5 deep, That's 10 attacks (7@ ST5, 3@ ST7). Hopefully you blow out the first line of troops minimizing the defenders attacks. Then in the next turn, if your opponent didn't flee, your champion can hopefully drop a few more troops with his "always strike first".

With no armor....they would be very vulnerable to missile attacks, but that's why you screen them with some hounds maybe? Have a unit of 12 Chaos warriors on their right or left to protect them if necessary.

Any thoughts?

25-03-2008, 17:24
To be honest I was having a similar idea. Although mine was just to arm them with light armor and shields for some cheap CR. But I like your idea of great weapons and the ASF champ.

Has anyone used such a unit with any success?

25-03-2008, 17:32
i'm gearing my HoC army towards an all mortal list and will be using blocks of 30 marauders with full command (ok maybe without champion).

I'll definately gear them up with light armor and great weapon.

overall, they will definately be better than warriors (more = good) and will hold the line alot better. with screeners like furies or warhounds, it gets even better as they can reach the enemy's line relatively intact.

However, such a list will need 1 or 2 flank chargers like knights and/or chariots.

It will be a few months (i'm waiting for them marauders to reach me via shipping + the painting) before I test the list out, but atm I have 2 30 marauder blocks to test out in my 1000 + point Mortals list.

I'll let you guys know how it turns out if I get to try them out this weekend against my friend's Dwarf or Slayer army.

25-03-2008, 17:42
Yeah, I was thinking about hand weapon, shield, and light armor too. Makes for a for tough nut to crack....but being only strength 3, I see longer survivability than the unarmored great weapon unit, but you're relying on the champion for most of your killing power.

25-03-2008, 17:49
at this moment, its alot of theory hammer from my part.

the great weapon provides some assurance that the block doesn't become some sort of grinding pit. Although light armor grants +6 AS, its as good as not having one lol.

but that's where the numbers come into play. 6 rows of 5 (or 5 rows of 6) + champion might go a long way and will buy enough time for other units to get the flanking charge in.

I'm sure there are many experienced HoC players in this forum and I hope they can shed some light into this query! ;-)

25-03-2008, 17:50
I generally use a unit of Marauders as extra wounds for my sorcerers. Light armor and shield helps for missile survivability (a bit), and I just deny a challenge if I don't have any close combat ability for the sorcerer (Flaming Sword, Bear's Anger (from a BoC shaman), etc.).

25-03-2008, 21:57
I found that the static combat resolution of a block of marauders with armor and shields was better than marauders with great weapon, even with the guy toting a great weapon and the helm of many eyes.

Not to say your idea won't work (cause it probably will...), but their high weapon skill and a reasonable armor save in combat makes them a great anvil while your exalted champ goes to work. Even if he dies, they're still resilient enough to last for a while until you can hit the other unit with something killy. My favorite is to run a chaos chariot or two beside the marauder unit, so that you can usually stack enough combat res bonuses to make them have to roll double ones for leadership when you win combat.

For what it's worth, I run 1 unit of 25 marauders with shields and another unit of 23 marauders with light armor and shields. My exalted champion general goes in the unit with just shields.

25-03-2008, 22:30
Funnily enough my Lord (with Gt Weapon and Helm O Eyes) would run with a block of 24 (making 25) Marauders with HW & Shield + Light Armour, Full Command. I fielded Undivided so the Stupidity was not a problem.

But they turned into a mainstay, took charges well and the lord chopped up ALOT. It was worth it for the 'auto-kill' on chariots stricking first (well 5 x st7 Attacks!). I used GT Weapons on the amrauders once, never worked well enough to use often. I always looked at them as a hero with a good static CR. The unit champion protected against enemy unit champs challenging him.