View Full Version : competitive or chedder?

25-03-2008, 18:52
i've played this list against chaos, beastmen, lizzard men and empire. all 6 games were blow outs the only thing that really killed me was beatmen ambush behind me and dwarf range, my eagles had to tag team an organ gun to take it out. let me know what you think against most turnny armies.

I know i have very few troops but the games i've played my dragon and dragon princes have owned every thing they've charged in one gamethey took out a unit of chosen chaos warriors of Kaine on the charge!

prince on star dragon
heavy armour, lance, Enchanted shield, and Vambraces of defense
noble BSB
barded steed, heavy armour, shield, and lance, Gem of Hoeth
lvl 1 mage
2 scrolls
10 archers
19 spearmen
5 dragon princes w/ standard and champ
6 dragon princes w/ standard w/war banner and champ
5 shadow warriors
2 bolt throwers
2 eagles
================================================== 2000