View Full Version : Feral Von Carstein brothers go to war, VC 2k

25-03-2008, 19:49
As the lightning struck a great and old oak tree on a hill nearby, a tall and handsome vampire emerged from his coffin and walked to tallest tower of his keep. With his sireling, Gregor Con Carstein at his side, Friedrich stood and raised and called his minions to do his bidding in undeath, as they had once done in life. Endless ranks of ancient skeletal warriors marched to war, and two of Friedrich's brothers strode amongst them. His feral brothers, succumbed to the beast within and now more a wolf than a man they were, and with huge scythes they would be a great asset in war. Friedrich was shamed of them, as he had the willpower to only let the beast surface when needed. His musings were interrupted, as Shaft, his human lackey came and offered his master his weapon, a glowing lance of ancient and vile power. With the lance, and his trusty stormsteed Friedrich would be unstoppable, and armies of the Empire would fall like leaves in autumn.

Friedrich Von Carstein: level 3, general (doh), Red fury, forbidden lore (shadow), dreadlance, Bracers of Black Gold, hellsteed=460

Gregor Von Carstein: dark acolyte, lord of the dead, black periapt, dispel scroll=185

Shaft, necromancer: nehek, danse macabre, power stone, dispel scroll=115

17 Skeleton warriors: spears, FC=173
17 skeleton warriors: FC=156
20 zombies: musician=84
5 dire wolves=40
5 dire wolves=40
5 dire wolves=40
5 dire wolves=40

5 fell bats=100
6 black knights: barding, musician, standard, banner of the dead legion=217

Mathias Von Carstein=175 (Varghulf)
Heinfeld Von Carstein=175 (Varghulf)