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25-03-2008, 21:53
The rest of the list is a ghoul/ghoulkin magic heavy army. I'm just wondering which you would rather take for the additional characters from the 2000 to 3000 jump.

Idea 1: (Some magic, come combat)

Vampire w/ master of the black arts, nightmare, rod of flaming death
Wrightking w/ hand of death, lance, barded skeletal steed

Idea 2: (Even more magic)

Vampire w/ master of the black arts, nightmare, rod of flaming death
Vampire w/ master of the black arts, nightmare

Idea 3: (Combat)

Vampire lord w/ hand of death, dread knight, infinite hatred, forbidden lore *burning sword*, enchanted shield.
I then transfer over the crown of damnation from my original lord, and then transfer the helm of commandment from a vampire to my original lord.

All work out to basically the same points. Which would you take?

26-03-2008, 14:15
Anyone? Anyone at all?

26-03-2008, 15:06
I would personally go big on the Magic, really make your opponent sweat with necromancy spells!
That is the source of the undeads resiliance, the ability to A, never run away and B, always find a fresh supply of scary dead things to animate and stay in the fight 'till you win it.

I've had a battle go completely pear shaped against the old Vampire Counts thanks to magic. My Kroxigor and Saurus Cav had one flank all but secure, readying to go piling into the centre, then out of the blue with a successful magic phase, he was right on me and turned the whole thing on it's head! Suddenly they were being charged from all directions by nasty dead things and clinging on by the skin of their teeth. Turned a sure victory into a near run thing, thank god for the Slann Mage Priest with his Drain Magic spell, it put an end to that!

Lord Dan
26-03-2008, 15:12
You can do both. Here's my character set up:

Vampire lord, lv.3, Beguile, Infinite Hatred, Master of the Black Arts, Blood Drinker, Nightshroud, Crown of the Damned

Vampire, Red Fury, Flayed Hauberk, Talisman of the Lycni, Sword of Battle

Vampire, Dark Acolyte, Avatar of Death, Sword of Striking, Book of Arkhan

Wight King, BSB, Royal Standard of Strigos

That's 10 power dice without dedicating myself to magic, as all the characters are quite formidable in CC.

26-03-2008, 15:16
Anyone? Anyone at all?

Chill dude, as far as I know, the thread is here for only 10 minutes.

This is a forum. Things move slower than in a chat. I like it that way. If you have no reply after two days, you may begin to worry.

Just my two eurocents...

26-03-2008, 16:15
Chill dude, as far as I know, the thread is here for only 10 minutes.

This is a forum. Things move slower than in a chat. I like it that way. If you have no reply after two days, you may begin to worry.

Just my two eurocents...

I posted this yesterday, and came back today and there were no posts but 50 views, and it was now on page two. I think I have a right to ask for actual comments.

Lord Dan: My other characters are set and good. I just have 355 points and 2 character slots that I'm playing with.

I think I like the double vampire option best... but being that my list is already magic heavy (14 PD and 3 bound) before these characters I'm thinking that it would be good to get a bit of combat support via the wrightking or the crazy vampire lord.

The reason I'm hoping for a quick answer is that I need to decide if I'm converting a wright king or a vampire lord from the parts I got...

26-03-2008, 16:23
I'm a newbiw, but personally I'd take the first choice, gives you more options. But Then again your army is magic heavy, would also depend on how many other harder hitting units/characters you have.

Lord Dan
26-03-2008, 17:43
What parts do you have?

26-03-2008, 18:08
Convert a wight king. Him, plus knights + banner of barrows + vanhells = Dead anything. There really isn't much that can stand up to that amount of punishment.

26-03-2008, 18:13
In a recent 3k battle the VC player took the following character's

Vamp lord
red fury,dreadlance,flayed hauberk
Zombie dragon
(perhaps other things...I forget)

Vamp lord
Red fury,blood drinker, walach's bloody hauberk,bat form?(he could fly)

Vamp battle standard bearer
Drakenhof banner, in a big unit of skellies......

he also had another character....
That caused terror and could fly..although that sounds a tad illegal.
His army only had 3 core units untill I told him (milliseconds after seeing his army) that it was illegal, so his character's may have been a tad illegal.
I didnt get a decent look at his list during the battle and he packe dup and left pretty sharpish afterwards,(got trounced but his character's did fairly well)

Lord Dan
26-03-2008, 18:37
You can have a flying, terror causing vampire. There are two ways to do this:

1) Give him the 30 point fly ability, and give him the 30 point terror causing weapon. He then has 20 points of magic abilities and 20 points of items remaining.

2) Give him the 30 point fly ability and the 25 point terror ability. This, obviously, may only be taken with a lord.

26-03-2008, 20:24
I've decided to stick with the first idea and just make the wrightking.

Thanks to everyone that posted.

31-03-2008, 07:50
I would use Idea 2: (Even more magic)
Because VC should have loads of magic for their summoning spells. That way you dont need as many soldiers cause you can just summon more.

31-03-2008, 10:02
Erm, as far as I can see, no one has mentioned that taking Helm of Commandment is a really, really good idea in general. WS7 Grave Guards with banner of the barrows and ASF from ValHels? Strike first with Great Weapons, hit on 2s, wound on 2s most of the time and killing blow on the side.


31-03-2008, 17:27
A ws7 unit means the crown has to go on a lord, which i don't like. Give a thrall lvl2 magic, raise ability and the helm. He doesn't want to be in combat, so he can always use the crown.

Lords are monsters in CC, dont waste the ability just to get WS7, Ws6 is fine imo.

31-03-2008, 18:44
in 3 k i would suggest having a lord with dread lance red fury combo somewhere in the list, other then that go as magic heavy as possible maybe add a bsb with the regeneration banner.