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Da Black Gobbo
25-03-2008, 22:52
Hi! I'm going to play a friend's high elves against Skaven rat horde, so i thought about a shooty army list (ala Wood elves) with fast and hard hitting units, my enemy use to play a lot clan rats and storm vermin with a bell and some crazy monks, no much jezzails, and some gatling guns and flamers, so here is the army i'm thinking about.

--Prince: Boltthrower bow, shield, Dragon kinght heavy armour (don't remember the english name) 2 handed weapon.

--Noble: Str 5 x3 shots bow, spear, dragon kinght heavy armour, spear, elven steed, shield.

--Mage: lvl 2, power stone, item that allows to get another spell.

--Mage: lvl 1, Anullii crystal (is the name of that item?)

--10 Archers.
--10 Archers.
--10 Archers.

--2x Tiranoc chariots.

--1 Lion chariot.

--6 Elyrian reavers: musician, bows and spears.
--6 Elyrian reavers: musician, bows and spears.

--6 Shadow warriors.

--3x Bolthrowers.

As you can see, is pretty shootie and fast, my tactic will be the "dance arround" tactic, baiting and delaying tha large infantry blocks while shooting his infantry and fighting in HtH in my terms, almost everything in the army shoots, i'll get Beast lore and high magic with my mages, the lvl 1 one will get beast with bears anger for one of my characters to make him deadly in CC and the other one will spect to get the spell that improves the shooting, (don't remember again the translation sorry).

The army can serve 52 long bow shots plus 4 bolthrower shots plus 3 str 5 shots. I think it will be enough when my chariots and reavers charge and rear charge to win the day.

What do you think??

26-03-2008, 07:54
Take a noble with raidiant gem of hoeth (( he is a lvl 1 wizzard then. )) instead of a mage gives you 6 atacks with bears anger at str 6 :P

Da Black Gobbo
26-03-2008, 09:23
I thought about it, droping the lvl 1 and getting the one you say instead but is a little exensive i think, and he couldn't wear armour, but is a nice idea.

Anymore comments??

Da Black Gobbo
26-03-2008, 13:06
no more replies sure??

26-03-2008, 13:34
I would drop a unit of archers and add a great eagle and armour of stars on your prince.
Archers are not that powerfull, and you will be really happy for the eagle when it blocks march moves and suchs. The armour on the prince makes him a very good speed bumb and redirecter. And gives him a better chanve to live. If you do not take armour of stars on him I would suggest either a helm of fortune (and hope for low strenght attacks at him) or Temekadors Gautlets.
- For the last points this gives you you could add an other lvl to your lvl 1 mage.
I would also take Ring of Fury on your other mage. (the Anulian Crystal is a ok item, but Ring of Fury is just so much better than a powerstone)

If you add ring of fury instead of powerstone and keep the silverwand (a ok idea) you will have to cut a single reaver.

- I would personally make the lion chariot 5 dragonprinces without uprades. Costs 10 points more, but is better in my head. 6 s5 + d6 s5 (avg. 9.5 s5 hits) against 10 s5 and 5 s3. Plus it is very easy to flank with dragon princes. And if they flank a skaven unit (no matter which one really) you are pretty certain that it dies.
This would probably lead to both your reaver units ending at 5 man, and you will maybe have to cut a shadow warrior also if you make all the changes I suggested. But for god sake keep musician and bows on them.

Why do your noble have a spear instead of a lance by the way ?

Also for the Baiting and dancing around role that you mention. I would say that 10 Lothern seaguards with musician and shields are pretty good for that role. They can actually withstand a charge from a block of slaves and maybe clanrats, and even win it. Something that archers cant do. And it is 25 points more. Also skaven has a pretty high movement so the case of longbows vs. bows will only have an effect first turn. And if you use 10 man sea guard units I avice you to advance 5" first turn anyway to get a littel higher up on the board to make the flee reaction more attractive if they are facin a charge (since you will be longer away from your board edge) And advancing your seaguards first turn and maybe second (if you are still out of his charge range) gives you a lot more room to manouver around his blocks of rats, and generally avoid them and bring them down by combined charges of lothern seaguards and chariots/princes/reavers/an other seaguard unit.
But since just one unit that negate ranks is enough to make sure you will win almost any combat against skaven, combined charges is not something I actually do a lot against skaven. I just move to units into charge range of one of his blocks, in a way so I can be sure one of them will get a rank negating charge next turn. And then that unit charges next turn and the other do something else usefull. Which is not that had when you can shoot and move fast.

26-03-2008, 13:49
Here are some of my thoughts:

It's okish.

It's an elven gunline.

It's in no way as moveable as you wish.

Shooting the enemy up and then assualting him with is a sound tactic.

Against skaven, you should be very afraid with this list. He will either bring such overwhelming numbers that you can't shoot away, or magic power that will whiff aside your archery and RBT.

I hope you both have fun in your battle...


Those where a few of my thoughts on the matter...

Da Black Gobbo
26-03-2008, 15:20
Lothern sea guard seems a good idea for me, i just have to cut somethings, i'll think about it when i have my book in front of me, thank you guys, anyother idea??

Von Wibble
26-03-2008, 16:24
I thought about it, droping the lvl 1 and getting the one you say instead but is a little exensive i think, and he couldn't wear armour, but is a nice idea.

Anymore comments??

You can have armour with radiant gem. But I don't use it for Bears Anger - I prefer Heavens lore for the rerolls of 1s to hit and wound - on shooting early and on charging prince + unit later.

26-03-2008, 18:55
Consider getting the Flaming Sword of Rhuin on the Noble. The upgrades will give you a severe advantage at any unit you're in combat with.